Do You Have a Phone Addiction? – Have A Self – Test

It would be ironic if I say that you should stay away from technology. After all, we are promoting PeN, right? But of course, we understand the consequences of spending too much on computers or mobile phones. Some people are even addicted to it.

Do you think you are?

Or would you like to know if you are? 

Perhaps, you can do a self-test.

I found a simple one from Buzz Feed, and you can also take it from here.

Here’s what I got!

“You got: Your technology use is under control

You know how to utilize technology to make your life easier without letting it take over. While you love your email and social media as much as the next guy, you’re not tuned in 24/7. You don’t spend too much time looking at screens, and you’re living life to the fullest!”

I think this is true because that’s what exactly I wrote On How Technology Has Helped Me.

Can you share your results too?

If you think you are on the verge of getting addicted, then here are some things which you can do to stop it.

Connect with Nature

It’s easy to forget technology if you go outdoors. Go somewhere where you can’t even charge your gadgets. That will force you to stay away from it and just save the battery for emergency cases. If you want, you can invite your families and friends. That would even make your trip more memorable. This brings me to my next point.

Meet Friends in Person

Chatting online with them every single day is still different from seeing them in person. Schedule a date with your friends. And make sure there’s this rule NOT to use your phones when you are together. Whoever gets their phone first will pay the bill! I’m sure this will work.

Read a REAL Book

Books are nice, most especially the hardbound ones. I personally think the e-books are convenient but I can’t last an hour or two reading it. It’s actually a sore for me. Plus, reading books using a gadget has a lot of distractions. I’d stick with the old fashion ones.

At PeN, while we encourage people to use technology, is still aware how important it is to detach ourselves from the ‘wired’ world. Hence, we created a feature where you can find your nearby friends. Download now and learn more.

Posted by Berniz Isla