Quadruple Bottom Line

In my previous blog, I talked about PeN being a GoodBusiness and an Impact Investment, in terms of which category of company we belong.
Apart from the positive social and environmental impact we bring, we are unique in a way that we can be considered as one of the few companies that can generate a Quadruple Bottom Line. This means that our bottom line or profit or impact can be measured in 4 different distinct ways, let me enumerate them here:
1. Measurable social impact
2. Excellent future financial returns
3. Quantifiable environmental sustainability impact
4. Recognisable contribution to parent/portfolio companies

Measurable Social Impact

I outline this on my previous blog essentially:
– Making communication and information available even to those who are not connected to the internet:  Communication and Information powers progress both as an individual and as a society in general.
– Leveraging your social currency: We put a real-world money value to your social currency and actually award that to you in something you can use to shop.
– Enabling the micro-sharing economy: This allows you, as a social media user, to benefit from the gains of companies who are out to make profit out of your usage. Also, you can share just about anything in PeN, including your internet connectivity.
– Personal and real emergencies: We assist you during your times of need, without any cost to you. We are always there.
– Health and safety: We notify you when you are going to an area where there are disease outbreaks. We also help out identify sources and movement of this outbreaks.

Excellent Future Financial Returns

As a company, we still need to ensure that we make profit. We do this in various ways, from 1) advertising like Facebook and Google to 2)In-app purchases, when you buy anything in PeN inside the app 3)mCommerce, although we provide online stores for free, we charge a very small amount for successful transactions 4)Peer to Peer transactions, soon you will be able to transact with another PeN user. You will be able to send them gifts or surprises, or exchanging just about anything with monetary value.  We will only charge a very small amount for qualified transactions. We are in the volumes business, so very small profits in a lot of transactions can still lead to a big profit at the end of the day.

Quantifiable Environment Sustainability Impact

In summer of 2017, we launched PeN’s tree planting initiative where we plant 1 tree for every 10 users. So far, we have planted around 25,000 trees and growing. We aim to be able to plant around 100 million trees by 2021 in various countries. This is achievable with your help by using PeN and spreading the word, making the PeN Pal community larger each day. Our tree planting initiative started in the Philippines in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and we aim to expand the project in various countries in the next 3 years.

Recognisable Contribution to Parent/Portfolio Companies

PeN in its nature, is a social network where users interact with each other.  Although it combines the power of messaging, voice, social, health, safety, commerce and micro-sharing in a single application that works even when there is no internet connection.
Since we are on-boarding the new wave of users, this will benefit portfolio companies immediately where they can ride the wave go our growth. Additionally, we provide various APIs so other companies can connect to our community, much like the way Facebook connects others to their network.  With PeN, connecting users even when there is no internet connection is paving the way to on-board the next billion users. Couple that with micro-sharing that leverages users’ social currency and turn it into a real-world monetary value will change the face of social media as we know it today.
Being one of the few companies with a Quadruple Bottom Line, the question is what does it take for PeN to become a unicorn?