An international news website just reported about the gruesome incident of nonchalantly chopping random women’s hair. Human hair, especially for women, is a crowning glory. It takes years for it to grow. Hair takes time to maintain and make it beautiful. What if all of a sudden, a stranger just calls your attention to trick you and before you know it, your hair was gone.

Some say it’s all spontaneous, like gangsters picking on people just for fun. Could it be used as religious offering to a certain god? Some also say it’s just a random incident wanting to cause fear and panic on women like what BBC News reported on their website. Or is it purely business? Is this related to initial incidents that happened way back in January where packs of human hair that were supposed to be exported as wigs were said to disappear in the airport? You better check out this article by The Times of India. According to online sources, the selling price of human hair in India ranges from $40-$300 approximately.

It was said that Indian women have great hair. The precious oils in India must be doing some great magic in their locks since they favor the Ayurvedic and natural hair treats. Could this logically explain all these recent traumatizing incidents in India?

We hope this case gets solved in no time.


Meanwhile, you can check out this Youtube video showing Indian Hair Care treatment:

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