Responsible AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked about and rather polarising topics in every conference and discussions boards today. At the Web Summit in Lisbon during the opening day last Tuesday, there were a lot of talks about AI.

Two things about AI that got stuck in my head are (1) the aim to steer technology towards human values and (2) creation of wealth for everyone. The aim to steer technology towards human values is very endearing to me, especially that we are about to release our first AI, which is an improvement of Penelope, the support character in PeN. PeNelope will evolve to be able to converse with you by voice and not only things about PeN but more importantly any topic.

You can say that PeNelope will be able to chat and have a conversation with anyone in PeN. The same way most iPhone users interact with Siri by voice.

PeNelope is our first AI – the question then is how are we steering PeNelope to human values?

PeNelope, like any AI, is constantly learning. Right now she is learning how to talk. PeNelope learns from interaction and, analyzes what you told her, and searches for an appropriate response. She is not a search assistant like Siri or Alexa or Google assistant, but more of a conversational being. When you are bored, when you have nothing to do, you can start a conversation with PeNelope. Your interaction will open up a world of possibilities for her to learn especially in this early stage as a conversational being.

Like any AI, she can be fed with bad and unwanted ideas. Although, we designed her in a responsible manner to be more of a beneficial intelligence instead of artificial intelligence. This means that PeNelope will absorb lessons that will benefit her growth and also benefit the safety engineering that is inherent in her programming.

PeNelope will care about your privacy as much as we do, hence all your conversation will be private. She might, at some point, learn what you like based on your conversations with her, but that will never be shared with anyone.

PeNelope is here to take those boring times away, to bring a bit of joy into your conversations and make your day a bit lighter in the little ways she can.


Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.