Rewards of Being a Mom – Joys of Getting Bugged

I became a mom just after my 21st birthday.  It’s an understatement to say that I wasn’t ready for it.

That was 7 years ago.

What did I miss? 

  • I missed a lot of adventures with my girlfriends. 
  • I wasn’t able to apply for law school. 
  • I wasn’t able to climb the corporate ladder. 
  • I wasn’t able to go to the US and study photography.
  • I wasn’t able to do a lot of things. 

Was I sad? Well, sometimes you’d really feel left alone. However, when I became a mom, I realized I did and a still doing more….

  • I learned how to change diapers. 
  • I learned how to be resourceful. 
  • I learned how to be compassionate. 
  • I learned how to be brave.
  • I learned how to prioritize. 
  • I learned how to ‘learn’ new things. 
  • I learned how to be selfless. 
  • I learned how to be the best version of myself. 

The list can go on and on and on….and I’m sure a lot of moms can totally relate.

Since I have kids (7 and 5), you can just imagine how chaotic our home is. Sometimes they are annoying, but most times, they are my source of joy.

My kids give meaning to my life. They push me to improve myself because naturally, I wouldn’t want to be a bad role model.

My kids allow me to make mistakes, so why would I punish them for theirs? 

Our kids are smart. They will begin to question things which do not have concrete answers. I remember just the other day, I reached my boiling point and threw the nearest book I grabbed.

My son and daughter asked me, “Do you really have to do that?”

I just kept my mouth shut and I thought, “How can these kids be so full of wisdom?”

When I already calmed myself, I asked them if they still love me even if I get mad.

Without thinking twice – they said, YES!

You can learn so much from your kids. Their innocence would remind you that we are born and raised to be good.

Free Hugs 

When my kids are having tantrums, or if something is bothering them, I taught them to just give me a hug. After all, hugs can bring us happiness. (This is scientifically proven!) Simply put – I receive numerous hugs per day.

Lovely, isn’t it? In fact, when they feel that my day isn’t going right, they absolutely know how to turn it around. To make it better, they would hug me or make lovely notes.

These simple joys make me realize that material things will only make you happy to certain extents. What matters most is the people around you, and how they treat you.

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Posted by Berniz Isla