Scared of Online Shopping? Here Are The Things To Consider

Online Shopping can be great if you know how to do it properly. You see, there are people who are not used to it and they become victims of online criminals. Here is a quick guide on how to do it.

Only transact with credible websites

Do a little bit of research before you do your online shopping. It’s easy to find and identify scams. Try to avoid websites that offer too good to be true prices. Here in the Philippines, we use Lazada and Zalora. They offer good deals and they have excellent customer service. What are you using in your country? 

Limit what you provide online

In my case, I look for online shopping websites where they allow ‘cash-on-delivery’. This will allow me NOT to provide my credit card details. If in case you really need to provide it, go back to our tip number 1. Check if the website is credible. Also, see if the website starts with HTTPS://  and not with HTTP:// . The former means that the website is secured.

Regularly check your card statements

Do not wait for your copy of credit card statements. Have the initiative to check it from time to time. If you believe there are transactions which you did not make, call up the bank and block the card immediately.

Come up with unique passwords

Stop using your birthday and always go for unusual passwords. Also, I’ve seen a Facebook post asking you to comment your mother’s maiden name. DO NOT JOIN THE BANDWAGON even if they say that you are just being proud of your mom. Chances are, online criminals are already trying to steal your personal information.

Always use your personal computer

As much as you can, do not open your email or do transactions in computer shops. You don’t know how safe their connection or computers are. Just to be safe, transact using your own computer and do it privately.


With PeN, we always ensure safety and security. We are on our way for m-commerce and we assure you that it is safe and sound to transact within our app. Download now and get promos and credits.