The Joys of a Start-up

Considering that PeN is a very young start-up, the app itself was made publicly available a year ago and today have more than a million happy users.

At PeN we believe on making our PeN Pals happy and will continuously surprise our PeN Pals every week from unexpected rewards to valuable redemption possibilities to our own social good initiatives.

While we focus in delighting our PeN Pals there is, of course, a lot of work in the background. We invite you to join us in our journey by using PeN and becoming one of our active PeN Pals. We will also share our journey with you with a weekly update on our views, perspective and exciting things happening inside PeN, including the challenging ones. Each week one of us in PeN will share their stories and experiences, its voluntary of course and it will be a surprise until you read the posts.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge of every start-up is to grow as fast as possible at the lowest possible cost. Growth is all about users, new users and more importantly active users. Investment covers cost. The investment that comes into PeN is what pays for our operations, for providing free services and more importantly for delighting our PeN Pals.

We are not yet on that stage where big tech companies are like Facebook or Amazon are, but we are following that path with your support, PeN Pals. The biggest difference we have from  Facebook and Amazon is that we believe in the sharing economy, we share the benefits to each of you our PeN Pals.  We have introduced redeemable PeNNeY rewards and provided various ways to mine PeNNeY rewards.

Our efforts last week was focused on the new way of earning and mining PeNNeY including liking post from your friends and those you follow to getting likes on your post. This is by far the fastest way to earn and mine PeNNeY, once you have a lot of friends and followers then likes will come.

Like they say build it and they will come.

I, myself being the CEO of the company, spend countless hours in ensuring everything goes smoothly from raising finance to operations and all the way to ensuring that our products and services are the ones desired by you, our PeN Pals.

Sometimes I look back how I got here after several of my start-ups were acquired by publicly listed companies and from my humble beginnings growing up in the rural areas in the Philippines. Growing up in the Philippines I have first-hand experiences in third world economies, the challenges of daily life and the unforeseen future.

In PeN, it’s my mission to ensure that in everything we do, we always stick to our core values of delighting our users and making this world a bit better place for everyone.

Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.