Thinking Twice About Going to a Music Festival?

PeN Team in the Philippines will be going to a Music Festival in Iloilo. Have you heard of Syzgy Music Festival? That’s it! We are going to vlog and possibly interview some of your favorite local artists. If you are going there, we hope to meet you!

See you PeN Pals!

Am I excited?

Yes. But aside from that, I’m actually pretty nervous. This mom, at 28, will be going to her FIRST music festival. When I heard that I will be flying to witness this, the first thought I had was, ‘What am I going to wear?’. You know, I already gave away my ripped shorts, jeans, and cropped tops in exchange for dresses which I feel more appropriate at my age. I should have saved few pieces!

But what the heck! I’m going there to appreciate the music, not to flaunt my style.

Is that only it? Just the music?

Hell NO!

I’ve been doing some quick research why it is good for you to attend Music Festival. Yes, I am that crazy for still finding enough reason why I should travel island to island. I found out it’s not just about music, it’s actually deeper than that.

It’s UNITY through NOTES

Music alone can define our mood. Now, couple it with a crowd that has full of energy and optimism, and that’s the perfect formula for feeling great again. Strangers will sing together, will dance together, and will enjoy each beat. The harmony created by people from different walks of life is a feast not only to the ears and eyes but also for the heart.

So yes, I’ll go there with whatever I have in my closet and just embrace every single second of the music festival.

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