When you travel, I’m sure you look forward to the places you’d see, the things you’d experience, and the food you’d eat. Speaking of food, we tend to eat so much and it goes without saying, we gain a couple of pounds after our adventures, right? That’s acceptable but you should never jeopardize your health while having fun.

Aside from choosing healthier food options (even when this is so hard), you should be able to burn the calories brought by eating a lot. If you are staying in a hotel, then you can probably hit the gym. But if you are like me, trying to save cash and staying in a hostel, the next best thing is to look for a local park where you can ‘sweat it off’.

This afternoon, I found one near my hostel and boy, the park has its own jogging track. I couldn’t ask for more. And yes, I will jog again by tomorrow.

Have you tried working out in a local park oveseas?

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