Barcelona. Last Thursday afternoon, a white van hit innocent people in Las Ramblas leaving 13 people dead and dozens injured.

Some of you might ask, is it safe to still travel to Barcelona? Or do we need to cancel our vacation plans?

Traveling to Spain

The Foreign Commonwealth Office is advising people to stay away from Las Ramblas or in popular places for tourists. In fact, it would be better if people would rather stay at home because the terrorists might attack few other spots in Barcelona.

What to do when you are in Spain

If you are a tourist staying in the hotel, contact them already to pick you up. Otherwise, look for other means to get back to your accommodation and avoid public transportation, if possible. Flights are not yet affected so if you have the strong need to leave and there are available seats, grab the chance.

Make sure that you saved all the emergency hotlines!

Do you have relatives in Barcelona? Call them up right now!

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