Truth Behind Bollywood – Who You Know is Better than What You Can Do? – Establishing Connections

Two of Bollywood’s writers admit that it is actually the connection that gets them their projects. This is according to Siddharth Singh and Garima Wahal. In addition, they said that the ‘writing talent’ comes secondary.

Based on a report, Siddharth shared that networking is the most important thing. Your talent will dictate if you will last long in the industry but if you don’t know the right persons, then it will unlikely that your ‘story’ will be on – screen.  Garema also added that a lot of people has a ‘script to pitch’.

This isn’t just the case of the writers, or in Bollywood for that matter. Establishing network will always be important if you want to make a name for yourself.

How do you expand your network?

Do you think your own circle is still a ‘blah’? Here’s what you can do to establish connections.

1. Go out! – Yes, there is a need to get out of your shell. You can go malling, check out an art exhibit or just meet friends. By putting yourself out there, you can attract more people.

2. Invite yourself to parties. – If there are non – exclusive parties that are open for most, then why don’t you dress up and attend? Usually, the people there are also looking for possible connections. Don’t forget to bring your business card.

3. Join communities – Better yet, try to join communities, organizations and clubs. At least from there, you will meet people with the same interests.

Speaking of community, you can download PeN and search for a group that will help you with your interests.

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4. Attend seminars and conferences – It’s time to learn! This doesn’t have to be the expensive conferences and seminars. You can choose the free ones. Imagine, you can learn new things plus meet new people.

5. Create new hobbies – And for a change, why don’t you start a new hobby? Say, play sports or read new books. This will allow you to be more interested in something new, thus opening the doors of meeting people that are also a fan of such.

Who knows if one of your contacts will be the instrument for your success? Do you have more tips to share?


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