Why bikers love this tiny chapel in Italy

Why bikers love this tiny chapel in Italy

Photo credit: Pixabay

According to CNN, there is this chapel in Italy that serves as a shrine that commemorates the cycling sport’s history and pays tribute to its fallen riders. Instead of the usual saints and statues seen on the walls of a church, Madonna del Ghisallo Chapel has bikes everywhere, that it looks a bit like an old bike shop.

The Madonna del Ghisallo Chapel in Italy (Photo credit: Ben Atkins)

Legend has it that during the medieval times, a local count was saved from bandits when he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, and running towards this vision saved him – and Madonna del Ghisallo became the Patron Saint of Travellers. In 1949, Pope Pius XII gave her the title Patron Saint of Cyclists.

Indeed this Chapel is worthy of a visit especially if you are a cycling enthusiast because it is a famous climb used every year in the Tour of Lombardy and sometimes in the Giro d’Italia itself.

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