World Environment Day - PeN's Eco Tree-Planting Initiative

World Environment Day – PeN’s Eco Tree-Planting Initiative

Celebrate our Environment every day!

Today is a celebration of the environment – OUR ENVIRONMENT.

The United Nations mandated this as a day to cherish the planet that protects us. Please use #worldenvironmentday  in your social media posts. In other countries, several initiatives are being done. For example, Mumbai is leading a campaign for global clean-up today while some are increasing their protected areas and initiative for nature awareness #natureforall.

All these are really good initiatives.  However, we should not only celebrate or take action for a day. Instead, our actions to protect and preserve our environment should be daily. From recycling, to conserving energy, to avoiding pollutants, each of us can contribute every single day to a better health of our environment #iamonewithnature.

In the world we live today, we must protect and preserve for the future generations so they too, can wake up every morning to the smell of fresh air, hear the joyous sound of birds and animals and see the beauty of trees, plants and flowers.

In celebration of our environment, we at PeN are going to celebrate every day by planting a tree for every 10 new PeN users from today onwards.

We will start this initiative in the Philippines, in coordination with various local and national organisations and will expand to other countries where we can find areas feasible to plant trees.

Considering the growing number of PeN users every day, we are aiming to be able to plant a million trees within a year. With your help, especially by inviting your friends to join PeN, you are essentially helping the environment and together we all can make this world a much better place for all of us and the future generations to come.

Download the app here for iPhone users and here for Android users!

Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.

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