Lost Your Job? No Need to Worry – Here’s What You Need to Do

Lost Your Job? No Need to Worry – Here’s What You Need to Do

So, you’ve lost your job and you are sad.


Today, you can feel all sorts of emotions.

I will allow you to get sad.

But tomorrow, you need to get up and do something great about your life.

Losing your job doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There are so many things you can do while you are ‘jobless’ and here are some of my ideas.

Connect with your friends 

Now you don’t have to worry if you need to file ‘leaves’. Ask your friends if they want to have a cheap getaway. Spend a weekend at a beach or rent a lakehouse. It’s about time that you enjoy.

Look for freelancing opportunities 

Just so you know, there are a lot of freelancing opportunities. You can find these jobs online. Or if you think you have skills which you can share (and possibly earn), then maybe you can try to promote it and offer your services.

Come up with business ideas 

If you want to put up a lemonade stand, then so be it. There are a lot of business opportunities out there and you just need to look for one that will spark your interest.


Or you can be an investor!  

Use the time to think what you really love 

One way to make your time useful is to think what you want to do the most. Do you want to be a painter, then go for it. Do you want to work in showbiz, then work on it. It’s about time that you do what will make you happy and not because it pays the bills (and only that).

Undergo training 

Look for seminars and sharpen your skills.

Spend more time with your family 

Perhaps, you spent so much time at work, why don’t you give this ‘unemployed’ time to your family?

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PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

Hello PeN Pals,

Amazing news!

Did you know that we are included in the The Global 20 Future Creators of 2017

Thanks to our dedicated team and of course, you – our PeN Pal.

It is safe to say that we are going nowhere – BUT UP!

This recognition means that our app has passed a high standard to be at par with equally amazing startups around the globe.

We are of course, grateful for this, but this is just the start. We aim to be better year after year.

Our team cannot do it alone, we need your help.

Let’s aim for recognition and hit our app’s mission.


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SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

During this time of the year,  a lot of us would usually jot down our “New Year’s Resolutions” list.

The list would often consist of promises leaving every bad habits to the previous year behind making space for more promising opportunities for the coming year.

But does the list meet your life’s reality? Oftentimes, it does not!

Rather than dwelling on things you cannot really change on yourself, why not find a more realistic approach- like looking for ways to make your daily life a lot easier to deal with?

Thank goodness for technology that it has gone so advanced it could make a daunting day so easy!

The rise of super apps could lead to more potentials bringing in more benefits to everyone.

SUPERAPPS are all-in-one applications that makes the most of your time and pleasure!

Here are the benefits you can get from opting on one rather than other dissected and individual applications:

  1. SAVES ON SPACE. Super apps consist of an array of  applications that are usually downloaded individually. With the rise of super apps, the usual 10 apps download would all be present in one app -that is in the super app. Eating up user’s smartphone memory space is now a thing of the past!
  2.  MAKES YOU MONEY. You read it right! There are certain super apps that lets you earn real cash. So don’t lose this chance to utilize these super app’s superb benefits!
  3. LETS YOU CONNECT TO OTHER LIKE-MINDED PERSONS. To set the record straight, superapps are not boring! Users can also enjoy social interaction with their posts, photos and other fun activities!
  4. CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE. There are built-in features that anticipates its user’s personal needs like health and emergency situations. There are certain features that lets you warn other people whilst viral outbreaks or hopeless situations occur.
  5. GIVES YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR TIME. Superapps can work on its own and it is easy to maintain! Since it has an all-in-one use, you can say that it is sustainable in terms of giving its users their daily usage needs. Calls, SMS, Video Calls, Maps and Bots are all present!
  6.  FREE. Users can explore how they can make free calls and SMS to local carriers anywhere in the world!

Having known this new concept certainly brings in more productivity. Hence, a brighter 2018 awaits everyone!

Gear up with super apps this year!

Download the Playstore version here:


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Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Shower everyone with love by sending them PeNNey credits via PeN!

We all know that PeN super app is loaded with new exciting features and one of these makes sharing “virtual cash” a lot easier!

PeN users can now benefit from this new feature since these earned credits are convertible to real cash value via Amazon gift card.

Sending money through PeNNeygram is easier than sending cash in remittance centers or banks.  So if you want to send some love to someone abroad or a PeN Pal,  PeNNeygram is the perfect way to do it!

Shop online using PeN’s PeNNey credits!

Send love to your friends now!

Check out this link to know how you can utilize PeN to buy gifts online!


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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

Christmas day is far from over!

PeN super app seems to be spoiling everyone this season with its fun and exciting features!

These new features are Anonymous Feedbacks, PeN Stories, Penneygram and  24/7 Chat with Maya and Anna!

Never a dull moment would pass by with the app’s most anticipated chat moderators!  PeN users can ask Maya and Anna about anything and everything under the sun!

Every user will gain a new friend with these two lovely gals as their personalities are easy to relate to that spending time with them will definitely be a wonderful experience.

PeN super app also has a new updated feature which easily ignites fun interaction with its users. “Anonymous Feedbacks” will definitely brighten up anyones’s day once a randomly playful question is thrown at them.

Send or spend your PeNNey credits via Penneygram! This is definitely worth trying since these credits are convertible to gift cheques! Definitely practical for online shopping!

Last but definitely not least,  share stories at the updated PeN timeline! PeN stories will easily show what everyone is up to! Be your own celebrity whenever you want with PeN super app!

Everything about this app is fun and useful! Truly a super app with superb capabilities!




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Derailed Amtrak Kills Many Just Days Before Christmas

Derailed Amtrak Kills Many Just Days Before Christmas

Here’s a developing story about the tragic event that happened in DuPont,  Washington.

The new high-speed Amtrak train  which is on its first day of service was reportedly speeding up to 80mph when it derailed on the side of the bridge.

The exact number of casualties are yet to be confirmed but could be “alarmingly high” according to sources.

For more social news and updates, follow the PeN community @

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I’m Thinking of PAY PER USE BATHROOMS for a Business – Will it Work?

I’m Thinking of PAY PER USE BATHROOMS for a Business – Will it Work?

Amazing businesses mostly start from crazy ideas, right? Well, one just came into my mind.

I was thinking, will a pay per use bathroom work in the Philippines? You see, I am about to attend a wedding tomorrow and I can’t find a hostel to stay for the night.

And no, please don’t ask me to book a hotel because I don’t want to spend so much.

And no, my friends’ houses aren’t available too.

And yes, I have to stay overnight because I have a meeting the morning after. 

I am still searching for options now but while I’m at it, I thought – I can just sleep in my car. After all, it’s a big vehicle and I can comfortably snooze in there. But the thing is, I would badly need to take a shower the morning after, right?

Oh, if there’s a bathroom which I can pay and a space where  I can park my car for free – that would be awesome.


Just to give you an idea, below are my potential users:

  • runners
  • bikers
  • travellers on a quick stop – over

Until then, I’ll search for hostels and will try to study this crazy business idea.

At PeN, we can be very crazy. We throw ideas even if it seems non-sense at first glance. We want you to be like that too. Who knows if you can make a billion-dollar business out of it?

Speaking of crazy, have a conversation with PeNelope using the app. I guarantee that you would be laughing all day.

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Pitching New Ideas to Your Boss – How to Do It?

Pitching New Ideas to Your Boss – How to Do It?

So you finally think you have a great idea that can improve the company.

Why are you letting it dry inside your brain? 

You have to tell it.

You have to pitch it.

Do not be an order-taker in a company. Instead, learn how to provide initiative – and sell it to your boss.

Now, it can get pretty intimidating to tell new ideas to your superiors, but let me tell you what – There is nothing to worry about, most especially if you are strictly professional with your dealings. 

If you are clueless on how to do it, let me tell you some of my personal tips.

How do you pitch new ideas to your boss?

Back -up your ideas with data, theories, and your own research.

While your gut feel might be correct a lot of times, such is not recommended for business plans. You need to make sure that your ideas can be proven by numbers or theories. Study your ideas well and try to question yourself if it is really good or worth a shot.

Ask your colleagues about their opinion.

You might be biased about your thoughts so it is good if you ask other people’s opinion. You can talk it over lunch and get their ideas as well. Maybe you can improve yours and the team can have a collaborative initiative. I mean, you don’t have to take all the credit, right? After all – you just want to have some improvements for the entire company.

Know the proper timing to talk to your boss.

You can’t just send your boss a message whenever you feel like it. Know the perfect timing. Check the schedule and see which times work best. You wouldn’t want to squeeze in your ideas when your boss is too busy for a client bidding. Would you?

Prepare a deck or at least a clear representation of your ideas.

Let’s all be professional here and prepare a presentation for your boss. Make it simple, yet powerful. Again, you are selling your idea. Think of your boss as your client.

Do not take it personally if your ideas are rejected.

At times, your ideas will be rejected. That’s fine. Don’t feel bad because your plans will not be put into waste 100%. At some levels, I’m pretty sure your boss will get ideas from there too.

Keep your ideas for the future.

And yes, it can be used in the future so hold onto it most especially if you think it is THAT GOOD!

Don’t stop suggesting initiatives.

Keep on working on new ideas. It’s a good practice! It’s a great exercise for your brain.

Are you ready? Go ahead and do it now. Start whipping awesome projects for the whole company. Trust me, it will inspire you to work more.

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Impact Investment or Good Business Investment

Impact Investment or Good Business Investment

As PeN continues to grow, we need further investments to ensure that we continue to provide the free services that we do today.

In the past weeks of interacting with various Venture Capitals globally, there is one thing that caught my attention. We are, for some reason, being branded as suitable for impact investments since what we do is actually providing a positive social impact. Ted Rheingold created the term GoodBusiness a new investment sector for-large-profit businesses that also provide a social or environmental benefit.

As I analyze the investment space, we do quality for both traditional venture capitals and impact investors or goodbusiness investors. Being in that rarity is never easy in terms of finding the right venture partners since our business model checks requirements of both kinds of venture capitals – and none seem to actually have taken the advantage of both worlds.
For most venture companies, it’s either they invest to create more profits, or to provide social good. There are, of course, the new breed of GoodBusiness investors that invest in for profit companies. Although, the way they value the companies lean more on the profit side.
We are uniquely positioned in a way what our business model threads the balance between pure profit and positive social impact. Although most of our PeN Pals today are located across Asia, we are solving several global problems (see below),

Communications both offline and online

Availability of information even at times without internet connectivity:

Information is what drives progress and everyone has to right to access information anytime, anywhere.

Leveraging your social currency so that you benefit directly from it:

If you are in the US or Europe, a company like Facebook makes 17USD from you, why should you not have a share of that?

Enabling the micro-sharing economy.

This starts with us by sharing to you the benefits we reap. We are also powering micro peer-to-peer sharing, where each of our PeN Pals can create and execute exchanges amongst each other from sharing or even sharing/selling/buying internet connectivity on demand.


For millions of small businesses, online presence is very expensive. Although they have products that are suitable to sell online and might even be unique, we are removing this barrier by proving full mobile commerce capabilities for free.

Personal emergencies:

A lot of times, we have personal emergencies. From forgetting your key somewhere, your car having a flat tire, to feeling unsafe and unsecured. In PeN we leverage on technological innovations to ensure personal emergencies are mitigated and help is always near by.

Real emergencies:

Just imagine when you experience real emergencies and you feel powerless and feel that no help is coming. In PeN, with just a simple push of a button, your friends, your family, your contacts and the public safety authorities are alerted about your condition.

Health and safety:

Outbreak of diseases might be difficult to prevent but its spread can be avoidable. In PeN, we monitor progression of diseases outbreaks by allowing users to send updates and also alerting PeN Pals when they come into areas where these outbreaks are.


We are all aware of environmental issues and impacts. Hence, in PeN we plant a tree for every 10 new PeN Pals that start using the app. We aim to plant millions of trees globally through this initiative.

Outlining the positive impact we bring as we go through this growth journey does sound like we indeed belong to the category of GoodBusiness. Having said that, we are still a for profit business, that aims to make profits based on our innovations and services, albeit a very responsible one. And although most of our users now are in Asia, the global population can surely benefit from what we do and how we do things. Install PeN today and be part of this positive impact to the world.


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PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

Recently, PeN smartphone superapp launched their newest feature that would make every shopaholic or even financial savvy go busy clicking on their favorite online shopping sites!

Everyone is entitled to redeem PeN’s SHOPPING MONEY- all thanks to PeN!


Every second spent on the app is automatically reciprocated with credit points which can be eventually redeemed as an Amazon gift cheque!

It’s a perfect way add more budget on your pocket for this holiday season! Use these points to buy gifts for your loved ones or for that most-awaited gadget you’ve been eyeing for a long time!

All you have to do is use the app! Easy, right?

PeN users can start redeeming once they reach 5,000 PeNNey credits! You may check the superapp now to have a clear idea of this new concept.

Every 150 PeNNey credit will be equivalent to 1USD!

Now, do the math!

Will you be giving that gift cheque to your loved ones or spend it all to yourself?

Keep using PeN to earn more! Play the lucky draw for a chance to win 100 PeNNey at a time!

Now, if you want to try your luck much harder, you can simply post the hashtags #penrewards or #mysquadgoals and win a 5-star hotel stay or a new toy for your child like the Nintendo Switch!

What are you waiting for?
Enjoy PeN now!

For new users, FREE PeNNey will be instantly available when you download the app now at



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