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How Did You Spend your New Year?

How Did You Spend your New Year?

Hello there PeN Pals!

I’m just checking how did you spend the first days of the year? Most of us would like to jump start it the best way possible, right? So, I’ve gathered some of the most common things that people do for New Year and let us know if yours is included.

What do we do for New Year?

  • We create New Year’s Resolution – and break it after!
  • We prepare a feast and celebrate with our loved ones.
  • We follow traditions. Which reminds me, we have few traditions here in the Philippines that make little sense in the modern days but nevertheless, fun! It includes wearing polka dot clothes, preparing fruits (must be circle), opening of wallets (to have a prosperous new year), jumping up and down to add height, and making loud noises. 
  • Out of town trips or staycation in a hotel.
  • Cleaning up the entire room or house.
  • Going to church.
  • Some people would also call up their foes or enemies to iron out things and to apologize. I think this has got to be one of my favorites. I mean, you have to start your year clean and without grudges.

Speaking of which, if you have friends and families which you need to call to, you can use PeN and save a lot on phone call charges. 

If you are tired of following traditions, I have seen a post about how you can celebrate New Year, and let me summarize my favorites.

  • Go and see a free concert, or theater play for that matter.
  • Watch an awesome movie either at home or in a movie house.
  • Go bowling or billiards (set up a competition with your families and friends).
  • Or how about visiting an escape room?
  • Dance like you’ve got loads of energy in a club. And it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 70. Just rock it!

Do you have more ideas to add? Let us know and maybe we can do that for next year. 

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How exactly do you get rid of acne?

How exactly do you get rid of acne?

Like most people who have acne-prone skin, you’ve probably gone through a lot just to find an answer to that question. You’ve tested products after products and took supplements after supplements just to end your skin breakouts.

Unfortunately, no matter what you do or apply to your skin, your acne just won’t stop. In fact, the more you try to solve the issue, the worse your skin gets.

Frustrating, isn’t it?


If you want to get rid of acne, you shouldn’t just focus on treating it. You also need to avoid the things that trigger it.

Now, you’re probably wondering: How do I know my triggers?

This is where things start to get more challenging. You see, not all people with acne-prone skin have the same set of triggers.

In essence, this means that you can’t blame the things that are causing your friends’ acne for your own breakouts.

To start, you have to pay close attention to the things you use, do and wear every day and how they are affecting your skin.

Take, for example, your diet.

If you eat a lot of dairy products or foods with high glycemic index, there’s a good chance that your diet is what’s causing your breakouts. The same applies to eating too much sweets and drinking too much alcohol.

Now, apart from your diet, you should also pay close attention to your routine. Make sure you are using the right products for your skin type.

Wash your face twice a day and use a moisturizer right after. Deeply cleanse your skin and invest in the best face mask for acne-prone skin to make sure no dirt, makeup residues, and dead skin cells can clog your pores.

Aside from establishing a good skincare routine, you should also assess your physical activity, stress level and habits. Why?

Well, this infographic on the sneakiest causes of acne can answer that. Check it out and discover the things you probably didn’t know are breaking your skin out.

“Hannah Do is the founder of Thank Your Skin, a beauty blog dedicated to providing honest skin care advice and information. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful skin by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research. Click here to check out her latest article. You can find her on TwitterPinterest and Facebook


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Let your kids’ imagination play with these cute and whimsical dolls!

The Oddboo dolls will definitely make a statement especially now that the holidays are fast approaching!

If you’re looking for fresh gift ideas, Oddboo would be a perfect gift for your young ones. It would surely be a hit with their friends!


Let your kids change the doll’s looks with their cleverly stylish wardrobe. Set the mood by dressing the dolls playfully or chic; nerdy or informal!

Have a fun photoshoot session by posing with them!

Make fond memories with your kids with the Oddboo dolls today!


Upload your Oddboo dolls on PeN community! Let’s see who’s got the best look with Oddboo’s #OOTD!


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Filipino Star MAINE MENDOZA Continues to Shine!

Filipino Star MAINE MENDOZA Continues to Shine!

Her latest magazine cover is giving everyone a hard time.

She looks so good in every shot that they can’t choose the best photo to use!

It’s been 2 years since ‘Tamang Panahon’ shook the entire world but our main girl keeps on proving everyone wrong!

Maine Mendoza continues to slay! Start calling the bookstores near you to reserve the most anticipated copy of Preview Magazine’s upcoming edition.

We all know that Alden Richard’s leading lady has a huge following globally especially in the Middle East where our PeN Pals would definitely love to see more of her!

For Preview Magazine’s December-January edition in the Philippines, Ms. Maine will grace the cover looking like a fierce queen.

Preview Magazine is probably having a hard time deciding on the best photo to use for their upcoming cover that’s why they are letting the people decide!

Take a look at the shots they were having a hard time choosing from!

First: Close-up? This is lovely, isn’t?!

Second: Fierce? Sweet? Maine Mendoza is everything!

Third: Mysterious? Regal? No wonder her beau is crazy about her!

Ms. Mendoza was born and raised in the Philippines. It only took one day to change her life. It was one fateful day in August 2015 that catapulted her and Alden Richards (her boyfriend now) to super stardom.

It took a leap of faith to make fame happen to her but it was really her character that made her stand out. She really is a super star by being a good role model to her followers.

Love seeing more of her on PeN? Let us know!

For the mean time, continue browsing PeN to convert

your credits faster into Amazon Gift Cheques!

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Scared of Online Shopping? Here Are The Things To Consider

Scared of Online Shopping? Here Are The Things To Consider

Online Shopping can be great if you know how to do it properly. You see, there are people who are not used to it and they become victims of online criminals. Here is a quick guide on how to do it.

Only transact with credible websites

Do a little bit of research before you do your online shopping. It’s easy to find and identify scams. Try to avoid websites that offer too good to be true prices. Here in the Philippines, we use Lazada and Zalora. They offer good deals and they have excellent customer service. What are you using in your country? 

Limit what you provide online

In my case, I look for online shopping websites where they allow ‘cash-on-delivery’. This will allow me NOT to provide my credit card details. If in case you really need to provide it, go back to our tip number 1. Check if the website is credible. Also, see if the website starts with HTTPS://  and not with HTTP:// . The former means that the website is secured.

Regularly check your card statements

Do not wait for your copy of credit card statements. Have the initiative to check it from time to time. If you believe there are transactions which you did not make, call up the bank and block the card immediately.

Come up with unique passwords

Stop using your birthday and always go for unusual passwords. Also, I’ve seen a Facebook post asking you to comment your mother’s maiden name. DO NOT JOIN THE BANDWAGON even if they say that you are just being proud of your mom. Chances are, online criminals are already trying to steal your personal information.

Always use your personal computer

As much as you can, do not open your email or do transactions in computer shops. You don’t know how safe their connection or computers are. Just to be safe, transact using your own computer and do it privately.


With PeN, we always ensure safety and security. We are on our way for m-commerce and we assure you that it is safe and sound to transact within our app. Download now and get promos and credits. 


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Already completing your Christmas gift list? If you’re thinking of a more significant way of spending the holidays, you better check this out.
In the Philippines, Christmas season usually starts as early as September. You can literally hear Christmas songs and see festive decors on any public places once the 1st of September hits the calendar.
Christmas is all about giving and this year, an exceptional organization is planning to make Christmas more meaningful by reaching out to persons with disabilities.
GUIDE, Inc. or (Guided and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children, Inc, a non-stock-non-profit volunteer service organization, is conducting its 7th annual event for persons with disabilities (PWD). Concurring on the same day as the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3rd of December 2017, the ‘Kasama, Sama Ka (KSK)’ event will treat young PWD a fun and engaging day where they can enjoy and show off their talents. The event is set to distribute gifts and prizes for the 1000 PWD participants.
Dr. Gerry Duwin A. dela Zerna, president and founder of GUIDE, Inc.,  organized KSK to raise awareness for PWD and for them to be more accepted in the society.
“KSK is one way of demonstrating inclusiveness in our society where PWD are also given that equal chance to be at par with their counterparts”, explained dela Zerna.
GUIDE Inc. is in need of 1,200 volunteers to make the event more successful. These volunteers would attest to the group’s interest of embodying genuine acceptance of every PWD in the community. Dr. dela Zerna also appeals to the public’s generous hearts through donation of bath towel, bath soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpaste and slippers that would be included in the loot bags.
If you think volunteerism will only help the handicapped, you haven’t explored the benefits it could provide the volunteers yet.
According to  Habitat For Humanity, volunteering does more for the volunteers. It can create new jobs or promotions strengthening career profiles and resumes; being involved in other people’s milestones;  create a longer, lasting and meaningful life ; and travel opportunities around the world.
“If Christmas has led to the beginning of Christianity, GUIDE, Inc. is leading toward acceptance of PWD in the community. Christmas is a symbol of love, peace and joy at the same time that KSK emboldens hope, caring and generosity”, said Dr. dela Zerna.
GUIDE, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization geared towards helping children with physical, intelectual and emotional disorders/disabilties. For donations, volunteer sign-up and more,  kindly contact Dr. Gerry dela Zerna at +63 917 843 7758. 


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I am not much of a runner because I have a different sport. But to be honest – I am planning to engage myself into some running because of obvious reasons (I need to shed off pounds). Perhaps, I might consider joining this year’s Isla ng Catanduanes Marathon simply because – you will not just run, you will be able to see the amazing beauty of the island.

If you haven’t registered yet, here are some few details you need to know.



– 110km – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal
– 65k – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal

Note: Top 3 Male and Female of 110km and 65km

Gun Start Time:
-110km – 10:00PM, October 20, 2017
-65km – 04:00A.M., October 21, 2017

Cut-off times
-110km – 24 hours
-65km – 14 hours

Rules and Regulations

– All participants must be at the starting area 2 hours before the gun start.

Mandatory Gears:
110km Runners
– reflectorized vest
– hydration bag
– headlamp or flashlight
– aid kit
– snacks
65km Runners
– reflectorized vest
– hydration bag
– headlamp or flashlight
– aid kit
– snacks

Other Reminders 
– Participants should be 18 years old and up
– Race Bib must be visible at all times
– Motorcycle and Bicycle are strictly prohibited. Support is optional. Just in case you have your support vehicle, it must be registered with the race organizer. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
– Support Vehicle must be always at the right side of the runners.
– Runners and support crew are not allowed to litter; anyone caught for this will lead to disqualification. Let us all help preserve the island
– Support Vehicle and crew will not follow the runner at all times ( shadowing)
– 110km and 65km participants will run in an open traffic
– Runners are required to run at the left side of the road for safety reasons
– Runners who want to leave the race or want to discontinue must notify the race officials.
– Runners are not allowed to enter his support vehicle
– Runners are allowed to sleep only outside the support vehicle
– All Runners must follow the correct route
– Runners must run in single file
– Pacers are not allowed
– Registration fee is non-Refundable and non-Transferrable
– The organizer will provide aid stations along the route. (Distance of Each Station – TBA.)
– Every participant MUST finish his leg within the cut-off time but can still continue to run
– Those who finished the race within the cut-off will receive Finisher Shirts, Finisher Trophies, Medals and post- race meals.
– Organizers have the right to remove any participant from the race either because of cheating, not following rules or due to medical emergencies.
– Top Finisher for 110K and 65K both Male and Female (Champion, 1st and 2nd Runner-up) will receive A Podium –trophy and entitled to a free slot in next year’s edition of ICUM 65k|110k (2018).
– Claiming of race kits and race briefing date, place and time(TBA)
– The event will take place (Rain or shine).
– The 110k distance is open to all who finished several ultra – marathon distances.

 Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher and medical certificates when necessary. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
– The 65k distance is open to all who finished at least one (1) marathon or ultra-marathon. First timers must submit their medical certificates for safety purposes.

Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher certificates if there’s any. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
– All the participants MUST sign the WAIVER before the race.
– Race kit claiming date and venue (TBA)
– Be prepared and don’t think it would be an easy feat, but it will be a fun and outstanding adventure.
– There will be no cash prizes for the top finishers.
– ICU Organizer, at any time, may make changes on the course and race details or rules for the benefit of all runners.
– Runners caught cheating or violating the race rules will be subject to outright disqualification. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.
– Enjoy the race. Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just don’t QUIT!
– Register now, limited slots only for the 110KM and 65KM.
– Good luck and hope to see you!For more information, you may contact
0909 825 6457 | 0999 902 8886

or email at

All information is obtained from here


Planning to join the event, make sure you download PeN to stay on track and to keep you safe all the time.

Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android user

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Are you planning to do a general household cleaning soon? Hold on, do not throw away your loose pieces of junk!

You might want to take a peek on these creations by a famed designer in Manila, Russell Von Tero Villafuerte, that started his ‘abuBOT’ Junkart key-chain line. The best part is they’re 100% made from recycled materials.

Russell Von just finished designing his newly-built condominium unit located in an upscale neighborhood when he saw the little pieces of thrash that are about to be thrown away.

An Interior Designer by profession, he thought there’s someing more he could do with those loose pieces. He collated junk pieces of loose screw, broken jewelry, hose connectors and wooden doors that created his masterpieces.

He proudly calls his masterpieces some sort of ‘abuBOT’ junkart.

Collecting these unique materials won’t seem to be a hindrance for Russell Von since he is a self-confessed hoarder. He enjoys what he does and it shows in his creations.

Russell Von said his creations are hard to duplicate since every piece is not only made from scratch but the materials are made from unexpected pieces, he’ll never know what kind he’ll find next.

Take a peek into his collection with a variety of tiny artisan robots with a detailed name for each.

Meet the cutest pieces from Russell Von’s ‘abuBOT’ junkarts!

‘Mr. Prance abuBOT ‘ can you tell this piece is made up of a round wooden cabinet door handle, stainless steel hose connector and a broken USB cable charger?


Can you guess what recycled materials ‘The Emperor abuBOT’ came from? I spy gems too!

The ‘Emohawk’ is obviously sporting a mohawk where he derived his name from. Is that a teardrop, my dear? Oh, a teardrop made up of a loose gem. How fancy!

Another  ‘Emperor abuBOT’ is deserving of his blings.

Every ‘abuBOT’ junkart comes with this intrinsic packaging. Don’t you just love it?!

‘Rambo abuBOT”s head is made from round wooden cabinet door handles and the main body is from a stainless steel tube pipe connector.

This special ‘Jem Hung abuBOT’ is made from a round wooden cabinet door handle, main body is from a stainless steel tube connector,and AV TV Cable jacks for its hands and feet! Perfectly paired with a Mini Cooper key!

‘Mr. Kleft’ abuBOT , just hang in there! 😉 Every piece can be bought for 650 php or 817 rupees.



Who would have thought that these unconventional materials can create such wonderful pieces?

Recycling has never been so fun and this intiative by Russell Von is the coolest one so far!

Hats off to you, Russell Von. You are a genius!

For more PeN environmental awareness and initiatives, use and follow the hashtag #PeNxGreenRevolution.

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According to Health Minister, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, the current Hajj season can be considered as epidemic – free. Preventive measures were in place to ensure that the season will be safe.

You can read the full article here.

This year has the most number of pilgrims and with that, the ministry started adding health facilities in different areas and holy sites. In fact, most sites were screened medically even at the point of entry. Foreigners were vaccinated too.

WHO is very much pleased with the activity and its result.

PeN gives importance to health which is why we have created Pulse. To know more,  download the app.

Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android user


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Are you having troubles thinking of a great Christmas Tree decoration this year? Don’t fret anymore because there are so many ideas to choose from. You can check this link. You can even find DIY project you and your kids can enjoy. Start early and feel the Yuletide season longer.

Quick Tip: Do your Christmas shopping as early as now to avoid the rush. Plus, you can get deals too.

Do you have other ideas to share? Build a community in PeN and make new friends too!

Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android user


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