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The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

Om Shanti.

I am a peaceful soul.

As you busily ponder outside on how to make things right this year, a more compelling influence is probably waiting to be discovered to help you with your future journey.

Your soul- the ultimate answer to every discerningly twisted thought that affects you everyday.

Making peace with your soul this year could start a magical opportunity for you to flourish.

To simply realize that your are a soul creates more space for enlightenment, forgiveness and acceptance.

Brahma Kumaris  could be the answer for what you and the world need now- Peace.

An institution that originated in India being practiced for almost a century now, Brahma Kumaris helps anyone connect with their inner self to help it find its true meaning.

It is easy to see conflicts and distractions these days nitpicking for fussy tiny details; focused mainly on the material wealth in this world resulting to pride, only to covet more power.

Practicing mainly Raj Yoga to satisfy one’s soul and spirituality is Brahma Kumaris’ approach to help anyone who wants to find comfort and clarity of mind.

Focusing these days is intimidating. With lots of distractions, clucking screens and noises here and there brought by high-technology, it is just comforting to know that there is a better way to help ease out when the mind seems to overflow with concerns.

Brahma Kumaris, through Raj Yoga, will let you experience to float in your thoughts amidst the presence of burdening responsibilities.

Learn to meditate this year when things get tough.

Have a peaceful New Year, PeN Pals!







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Get a Glimpse of Morocco While in Malaysia for Under $1!

Get a Glimpse of Morocco While in Malaysia for Under $1!

Malaysia has full of surprises.

It is such a humble country that Malaysians become so unassuming of what they have. They certainly have a lot to be proud of in terms of their culture, economy and hospitality.

Exploring the city is such a pleasure. It is clean, accessible and grandiose!

One particular destination in Malaysia will really get your attention. It can be visited in Putrajaya, one of their major cities; also their government hub.

Astaka Morocco, a breath-taking architecture that truly catches a sense of royalty and splendor, can be explored in Putrajaya.

You can imagine being a time traveller back in time as you enter the majestic Moroccan property as you walk inside the vicinity- barefoot and amused. Everything inside is intricate and dreamy.


The Astaka Morocco Moroccan Pavilion may take you into another level of existence as you experience its impressively beautiful interiors.


The best part is that it will only cost you 3 Malaysian Ringgit to experience this kind of journey.
Visit Astaka Morocco at Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia. 

It will surely be enjoyable!

Want to win a 5-star hotel accommodation?


and use the hashtag #penrewards on every post!

Find the link here


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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

Hey PeN pals!

Get to know the newest addition to our community!

Helen Sumampong- Cienca hails from Bohol, Philippines.

She left Bohol to chase her dreams; she became a pharmacist  in California, U.S.A.

You can say her typical day could be quite hectic and demanding that’s why she sees to it that her days off would be worthwhile.

She pampers herself and go shopping sometimes but when she’s on the mood, they go on exciting places you would definitely enjoy, too!

Helen lives in Brea which is strategically near to everything! Peek into Helen’s charmed life!

Last winter, they went to Mountain High where you can see the beauty of nature covered with fine snow!

Just look how they are enjoying the little snowman. Isn’t cool that she gets to make the most of her time with her family? Helen is such a wonderful woman.

Mountain High can be enjoyed by skiing or doing other extreme sports.

Photo grabbed from

They can easily treat the kids and have some fun time at Disneyland, too. Helen can go to Disneyland in Anaheim – anytime – since they are just minutes away! When kids are around, life becomes extra sweet, right? It doesn’t look like it but Helen is a doting grand mom already!

Helen also visits Las Vegas for some real relaxation with friends and her husband, Clyde.

Check out the Seven Magic Mountains they visited recently. The Seven Magic Mountains is a public-site art installation in the Nevada desert. Can you imagine how heavy those rocks are?!

And lastly, her trip to the Grand Canyon deserves an indescribable admiration. Nature’s wonder is beyond beautiful.

Watch out for Helen’s travel adventures on PeN communities. Follow the GLOBAL EXPATS COMMUNITY for more!

Until our next feature!

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Can you still remember that viral KFC video which made a huge problem for the company? It is now resurfacing once again – even after 4 years!

Is this some sort of black propaganda?

This was definitely a wake-up call for food companies about proper handling and sanitation.

Can you watch this again? Because I can’t…

Have you ever witnessed something unbearable with your food? Share it in PeN!

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Yvette Mejia is a 28-year-old lady who spent her early years in the Philippines.
A nurse by profession, she migrated to Canada in 2014.
Betty, her friends fondly call her, wasn’t sure what to expect.
Unlike other migrant stories, Betty’s was different. Since she’s staying with her relatives, she didn’t have to deal with homesickness that much.
Though she was excited for her first trip outside Asia, she knew a lot of uncertainties await her. It was her first time to be away from her family and taking a 360-degree turn from her life back in the Philippines certainly frightened her.

During their trip from the airport to her new home, her cousins told her about trail hiking and other outdoor activities that she can enjoy and get used to.
Unless she did the Grouse Grind, she was told, she can’t be considered a true-blue Vancouverite yet. So, to Grouse Grind trail she went.
The Grouse Grind started it all and the rest is history.
Back in the Philippines, Betty used to enjoy early morning jogs with her friends. She also loved yoga and the calmness it brought her.
So when the idea of trail hiking came in to picture, she was game for it.True enough, it took her to places she exactly hoped for!
Betty realized how lucky she is to live in Vancouver.
“Who wouldn’t be excited to go and explore if you see that view, whether you’re driving or on the skytrain, everyday? We are surrounded with nature and it was just a matter of having the time to explore all these beautiful sites “, she said.
Take a peek into Betty’s new world!
Tunnel Bluffs
Located at Squamish-Lillooet D, BC, Canada. Hikers still opt for it despite having strenuously steep trails. Betty being here twice simply means it’s worth the sweat!
Brandywine Falls 
Brandywine Falls is a popular spot and a breeze for hikers. It only takes a 10-minute walk going to the waterfalls. Here you can see the entire trail of Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.
Joffre Lake
Fishing, climbing, hiking, camping and this view? Perfection! A 4-kilometer hike will take you to this paradise.
Stawamus Chief
Claimed to be the second largest granite monolith in the world, The Chief towers 2,297 ft. above sea level.  Despite its high elevation, it has no railings or safety installations. Ropes for rock climbing can also be accessed.
Deep Cove
Found in North Vancouver, it has everything an outdoor enthusiast needs. It has parks, forests, mountains and skiing activities conveniently located in near proximity to each other.
Betty celebrated her third year in Canada last August 2017.
She said,”Hiking brings about a different personality in all of us”. It also teaches us how to live life. ” The trails would test your physical strengths and weaknesses. Most of the time, we help out and cheer each other on when we get to the tricky parts. By the end of the day, everyone will be tired but you can always count on someone to help you make the last push and finish the hike”, she added.
Betty has surely come a long way and hiking played a good role on her journey.
She’s thankful for new opportunities that opened new experiences, new friends and all the life lessons that came with it.
For more of Betty’s hike pictures, you may download the PeN app in Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Follow the ‘Global Expats’ community to see the pictures. 



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We are on the lookout for businesses that started from humble beginnings. We found one property in the Philippines that inspire us to make PeN even bigger and better than before.

If you happen to visit Cagayan, Philippines, check Solomon’s Hotel &  Resto Bar and get the best accommodation in the area.

Let’s talk about it more, shall we?


Our Vision is not only to sustain its established name, but to provide the highest standards for customer service in the province as well as in the region. We aim to provide a home away from home that facilitates affordable, modern living with comfort and guest convenience and eventually uplift the welfare of the people that contributes to every success of the establishment.


To adopt maximum quality customer services by giving our guests and clientele comfort combined with luxurious living. We provide complete and efficient service to satisfy our entire customer’s needs-may it be corporate account or private individual daily or monthly.


Lal-lo is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cagayan, Philippines. It was known as the city of Nueva Segovia and was the seat of the Nueva Segovia diocese. Solomon’s Hotel & Resto Bar is located at the main thoroughfares of Magapit – a bounteous barangay of Lal-lo.

It was first known as JAQK GUEST HOUSE, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Solomon D. Dupaya. JAQK GUEST HOUSE was derived after the initials of the owner’s children;  J-ane; A-ce; Q-uinnie; K-ing.

Its operation as guest house started on October 11, 2003. It has only four (4) rooms then, but as time goes by, the demand for more modern rooms encouraged the owner to renovate the property to fit the needs of its guests.

A hotel building was in 2006 and renamed it to SOLOMON’S HOTEL after its owner’s first name. The new building has 26 cozy executive; family; deluxe; standard and regular rooms; 2 modern business spaces, a conference room good for 20 persons and a new view deck conference/multi-purpose hall which can accommodate up to 200 persons.

Year 2012, a new guest house was built with 5 modern and well-appointed rooms.

Recreational facilities such as billiard hall and private videoke room were added. Wifi access is also available.

Year 2014, it was the soft opening of the newly built 4 storey structure with a touch of sophistication and splendid rooms wherein the main lobby faces the national highway for convenience.

As of last quarter of 2016, a new 2 storey edifice with wider commercial units or office spaces & swimming pool were added.

Up to date, 3rd quarter of 2017, there is a continuous development.



How to get there?

Can be reached thru buses, vans or private vehicles.

Just an hour and few minutes from Tuguegarao City Aiport.

Solomon`s Hotel is located at the main thoroughfares of Brgy.Magapit Hardware at the left side, and Magapit Petron Gasoline Station on the right side. It’s few walks away from Cagayan River and the famous Magapit Suspension bridge.

Solomon`s advantages?

Solomon`s hotel offers 45 astonishing and modern rooms,  a – 600 – square – meter of refreshing swimming pool, a luxurious shuttle service and a fine dining restaurant with a wide array of local dishes. The hotel is also accredited as one of the tourism information desks. Furthermore, the hotel offers you free parking area, free access to wi-fi, laundry services, and urbane souvenir shop.

Can I change my room upon check- in?

Changing room upon check – in is always dependent on the room availability.

Can I smoke inside the rooms?

Solomon`s hotel prohibits smoking inside the rooms. For customers’ convenience, we have a designated smoking area.

What if don`t return my key?

The hotel will charge the guest 500 pesos.

Does the hotel offer complimentary breakfast meals?

Yes, complimentary breakfasts are offered when there are promotions and package deals.

Can I make a booking on behalf of another person?

Booking and reservation on behalf of another person is accepted. The information of the guest should be given and the payer’s name should be stated.

Is Wi-Fi available? 

Yes, Solomon`s hotel gives importance to connection and communication, the hotel gives free internet access all day round.

Can I reserve a table at your restaurant?

Yes, reservation for your breakfast, lunch, dinner in our restaurant is acceptable. The restaurant offers local dishes and local wines and a flare of western influence.

Where are nearest tourist spots?

The Solomon`s hotel is in the midway to all the tourist attractions, the nearest one is the famous Magapit Suspension Bridge: known as the longest suspension bridge in Asia. Beaches are an hour away from the hotel, the Nagaramoan beach, the Palaui, Kangaroo beach. For caves and hike and adventure, it takes an hour or two hours to travel to the famous Callao caves and the blue waters of Baggao Cagayan.

Do you have long stay discount?

Solomon`s hotel gives a discount for long stay.

Where is the nearest bank?

Nearest bank is the Development Bank of the Philippine (DBP) just located at the ground floor of the hotel and an ATM machine.

 What are the privileges of a loyal/ regular guest?

The Solomon’s hotel acknowledges loyal guests and they give priority and discounts based on the arrangement.

Can we cancel reservation on-date?

You may cancel for free at least a day or 2 days before the expected. Cancellation on-date shall shoulder minimal charges.

How do I settle or arrange my bills?

The hotel acknowledges or accepts payments thru cash, checks/cheques, debit and credit cards, and thru bank deposits. The also welcome companies with a special arrangement (open credit line or send bills) with the establishment.


Information and texts are from Solomon’s Hotel. 

Travelling soon? Downloading PeN, might be a great idea to check the trendiest places around.

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While the Philippines, being a top exporter of labor all over the globe, doesn’t have a concrete policy  to care for Filipino migrant workers yet, a group of courageous overseas workers themselves commenced a movement that aims to support every OFW.

Centro Filipino for Returning Migrants or CF4RM, is a religious organization that binds OFWs with their vow to establish a platform of services that would provide holistic assistance to anyone in their community.


With a common misconception that everyone who works abroad can automatically secure a bright future, CF4RM backs up migrants especially when things don’t go as planned.

While it is true that there is no place like home, reality will always chase this 21st century situation where migration is inevitable. More families are gapped by thousands of miles, more individuals needed to face foreign lands, new culture and new people to adapt to, whether they like it or not.

There are lots of overseas laborers who are still stuck in loans, sudden joblessness, grave sicknesses, and even internal problems with their families.

Being far away in a foreign land sometimes disconnect them to their home land, another truth a foreign worker will need to face especially when their work abroad is over. After long working years abroad, the sudden change in atmosphere and workload somehow brings out a feeling of bizarreness. Going home to the Philippines often make some of them feel lost. What previously defines them no longer applies to their present status. Hence, a transitory phase is called for to make their reintegration with their families a lot easier.


                                                                Posing with friends and members with their unfinished multi-purpose function hall behind them.


                                                                                                                                                           While visiting an ailing member.


                                                                        A group photo during a meeting in the Philippine Embassy.


Good thing, CF4RM is a common ground for them to start anew.

In less than 5 years, CF4RM has already managed to put up their own cooperative, the BAGIMPCO or Balik-Ginhawa Multi-purpose Cooperative. It offers livelihood programs and loans to their members, providing alternative options to most of them. These livelihood programs do not only benefit their financial necessities but also gives them a sense of hope, boosting their morals, alleviating everyone’s self-worth through their community formation.

                              Pineapple Jam, made from the heart. One of the products of BAGIMPCO.

Being true to their nature as modern heroes, CF4RM wishes to reach out to more Filipino foreign workers and their families as well. More than just economical reasons, they wish to retain the beautiful Filipino traditions and values to every OFW family, especially the youngsters,  who are subjected to liberalism and modernity.

By keeping everyone grounded through deepened faith and culturally connected actions, CF4RM not only creates a common idealism of goodness and conducive alliance. CF4RM brings out a nature of appreciation to one’s journey and existence, no matter who they are or where they came from. Belonging rightfully to a community of modern heroes, that is Centro Filipino.


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Who would have thought that a backyard pool can be outstanding? For Micky Thornton, he was able to materialize the perfect pool that he envisioned when he was still a kid. You can read the full article here.

He started this project in 1993. Originally, it was just a place where they could gather their friends and families. At first, they didn’t want to charge anyone but after their friends told them to do so, they obliged. And that’s fine because it’s worth it.

Aside from the external beauty of the pool, what’s even more amazing is their determination to make their dream a reality. That’s another inspiration for the PeN team.

Share amazing stories with us!

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Barcelona. Last Thursday afternoon, a white van hit innocent people in Las Ramblas leaving 13 people dead and dozens injured.

Some of you might ask, is it safe to still travel to Barcelona? Or do we need to cancel our vacation plans?

Traveling to Spain

The Foreign Commonwealth Office is advising people to stay away from Las Ramblas or in popular places for tourists. In fact, it would be better if people would rather stay at home because the terrorists might attack few other spots in Barcelona.

What to do when you are in Spain

If you are a tourist staying in the hotel, contact them already to pick you up. Otherwise, look for other means to get back to your accommodation and avoid public transportation, if possible. Flights are not yet affected so if you have the strong need to leave and there are available seats, grab the chance.

Make sure that you saved all the emergency hotlines!

Do you have relatives in Barcelona? Call them up right now!

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An overview of the locations infested with Avian Flu Virus using the Pulse Virus Tracker of Pen Chat Mobile App.

An official information from the World Health Organization confirms 16 new cases of the Avian Flu Virus from June 5 to June 23 of this year. This number adds up from the 5 initial reported cases from April 25 to June 6, 2017 with a total number of 21 A(H7N9) Avian Flu Virus cases in China.

There were already 3 deaths in total and 16 were said to have mild to severe cases of Pneumonia.

All infested locations were:

  1. Anhui – 1 case
  2. Beijing – 3 cases
  3.  Guangxi – 1 case
  4. Guizhou – 3 cases
  5. Hebei- 1 case
  6. Hunan – 1 case
  7. Inner Mongolia – 1 case
  8. Jiangsu – 1 case
  9. Shanxi – 1 case
  10. Sichuan – 2 cases
  11. Tianjin – 1 case
  12. Yunnan – 4 cases
  13. Zhejiang – 1 case

If you have traveled to these places and not feeling well, you can check this to know if you have the symptoms of A(H7N9).

Source: World Health Organization

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