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Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

What made you heartbroken lately?

Do you remember the times when you’ve poured your heart out to something you really believed was worthwhile?

Like doing something with all your heart but still failed miserably?

Don’t beat yourself up.

There will always be tough times that will test all the faith in you.

Sometimes, it will require a level of sacrifice that you are more than willing to take.

When life throws you a curve ball, you will do and follow its course. Bend so you will not break.

What made you heartbroken lately?

Relationship? Work?

Maybe you expected too much.
Take out remorse and replace it with gratitude.

Let yourself grieve but not to the point of letting bitterness take in.

Know that you’ve done your part; and anything you’ve done were essential to the journey that is expected; a continuation of the karmic event. Something that is beyond your control.

Rise up for yourself but to never malign others. Still, make yourself whole by putting yourself last. Stand your ground. Believe in your vision.

Forgive yourself so you can move on and do better.

Moving on is not just letting go but finishing your mission and heading on to the next.

Make waiting worthwhile. Rest, meditate, transform. Leave burdening situations or people behind, anything or anyone that refuses to grow.

Be ready when your stars have aligned again. For now, do things you need to become more of yourself.

Recharge and make it whole again.

Start over and feel SUPER LOVED!

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Holiday Greetings from the Delos Reyeses

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Holiday Greetings from the Delos Reyeses

Hey PeN Pals!

How’s your holiday preparations doing?

While everyone around is busy finishing loads of work to enjoy the holidays and wrapping gifts for Christmas, let’s take a moment and peek into our featured global expats!

The Delos Reyes Family from Winnipeg, Canada.

It’s been almost a decade since our featured expats left the Philippines for better opportunities in Winnipeg, Canada.

Leaving was hard yet full of anticipation for what awaits them.

Choy and Jessica delos Reyes brought their kids with them; they wanted to provide the best life for their family.

The Delos Reyes kids: Miguel, Carlos and Isabelle.

“We were all excited”, said Mrs. Delos Reyes. The couple have been waiting for their plans to take place one by one. They knew pursuing greener pastures would be beneficial for their offsprings. It will open more opportunities to them.

It is different abroad. Of course,  the Philippines will always be home to them but given that better opportunities came knocking on them, they knew they had to grab it.

They knew things will not be perfect but they were ready to face the trials. “If others can do it, why can’t we?”, the couple thought.

And so, the difficulties came of little weight as if they weren’t burdens at all. The Delos Reyes family dealt with problems that are not really peculiar to foreign workers.

It was mainly the Canadian culture that made it harder to adapt at first. The language barrier and new faces; change in daily routines and homesickness were of course making the new foreign family pressured.

“We had to be there for each other”, said Mrs. Delos Reyes.

“If I sense that someone (in our family) is on the verge of sadness, I always make sure that things are immediately assessed and that they are assured that we’ve got each other’s back; remind ourselves why went there in the first place”.

Life back home in the Philippines is seldom quiet nor empty. Often living with extended families, Filipinos are used to having other family members around. They have their grandmothers, aunts, nieces and nephews sometimes living with them in one household.

“It is hard not to have other relatives nearby. You have to do it all by yourself”, according to the couple. That’s why having new friends and support system is extremely important for our dear expats, at least for a solid moral support.

This holiday season, the Delos Reyes family plans to spend it simply. Work also has to continue even on holidays so a part of their special day would be spent working.

KEEPING THE FAITH. The Delos Reyes family never sees to it that their faith is bigger than their problems. Their family is stronger and closer than before.

Although it is a snowy winter wonderland in Winnipeg, holidays in the Philippines are undoubtedly better.

“Christmas will always be best spent where our hearts are. We may find success here but the Philippines, where we were molded, will always be the best place for us.”

A Christmas postcard made by the Delos Reyeses.

Indeed, home is truly where the heart is.

For more featured global expats, follow the ‘GLOBAL EXPATS’ community on PeN!

Have a merry holiday season, PeN Pals!

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“Thank you.”

That’s what Mary Jul deserves.

Shall we find out what Mary Jul really looks like? She’s a Filipina living in Malaysia for almost a decade now. Join her PeN community when you download the app! Ask about love, work and family advice!

Already living in Malaysia for almost a decade, you can say that Ms. Mary Jul hasn’t changed a bit.

She is down-to-earth and wants nothing but a better life for everybody.

Judging from her actions, she could be an embodiment of a modern Filipino hero. She helps everyone who needs her; happily obliging to look for ways on how to make others’ lives a little more comfortable.

Got #hugot problems? Or simply want someone to talk to? Join Mary Jul’s community on the app! Community: ASK MARY


Sometimes, to the extent of giving them jobs and that means looking for one just so everyone can have a piece of livelihood.

For the 9 long years she stayed in Malaysia, rarely does she have a chance to explore and enjoy the beautiful country. And when she finally has the chance to go, she still spent it with someone who also needs her help.

That’s how Mary Jul is. Always helpful. Always thankful.

PeN would like to say thanks, Ms. Mary Jul, for making our stay in Malaysia truly memorable!

If ever you have problems with work, every foreign worker can count a friend in Mary Jul.

For real-life advice and other #hugot problems, just simply use the hashtag #ASKMARY and we will try to answer your questions.




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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

Hey PeN pals!

Get to know the newest addition to our community!

Helen Sumampong- Cienca hails from Bohol, Philippines.

She left Bohol to chase her dreams; she became a pharmacist  in California, U.S.A.

You can say her typical day could be quite hectic and demanding that’s why she sees to it that her days off would be worthwhile.

She pampers herself and go shopping sometimes but when she’s on the mood, they go on exciting places you would definitely enjoy, too!

Helen lives in Brea which is strategically near to everything! Peek into Helen’s charmed life!

Last winter, they went to Mountain High where you can see the beauty of nature covered with fine snow!

Just look how they are enjoying the little snowman. Isn’t cool that she gets to make the most of her time with her family? Helen is such a wonderful woman.

Mountain High can be enjoyed by skiing or doing other extreme sports.

Photo grabbed from

They can easily treat the kids and have some fun time at Disneyland, too. Helen can go to Disneyland in Anaheim – anytime – since they are just minutes away! When kids are around, life becomes extra sweet, right? It doesn’t look like it but Helen is a doting grand mom already!

Helen also visits Las Vegas for some real relaxation with friends and her husband, Clyde.

Check out the Seven Magic Mountains they visited recently. The Seven Magic Mountains is a public-site art installation in the Nevada desert. Can you imagine how heavy those rocks are?!

And lastly, her trip to the Grand Canyon deserves an indescribable admiration. Nature’s wonder is beyond beautiful.

Watch out for Helen’s travel adventures on PeN communities. Follow the GLOBAL EXPATS COMMUNITY for more!

Until our next feature!

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Global Expats Feature: Mai and Edward’s Family Life in U.K 

Global Expats Feature: Mai and Edward’s Family Life in U.K 

The experience of moving to a foreign country is such a daunting task. Leaving the place you grew up in and starting life anew is something that is expected by every global expat.

Leaving friends and families, being optimistic after bequeathing investments in the hands of relatives, ending an era of a cozy life in exchange of greener pastures sometimes add up to the worries of most of them.

Mai and Edward Brina’s daily life in United Kingdom as foreign workers constitute a much tremendous addition to their routine as if juggling professional life in the U.K is not exhausting at all. This young couple synchronize their schedules to take turns in taking care of their two adorable tots! Can you imagine keeping a job and having two kids in tow without help? Their daily itinerary may be a bit chaotic but they are truly blessed despite being extremely busy 24/7!

For this couple, good parenting does not mean being deglamorized. They make sure they tend time for themselves and of course, some couple time.

During quiescent days, they go out and explore the city. Sometimes, they visit neighboring European countries when they get the chance.

A literal walk in the park with the adorable kids.

Dad with Little Miss George and Baby Boss Gab. London Eye as their background.

Mom and Little Miss George. Behind them is the Big Ben.

The QUEEN! George and Gab’s mom looks classically chic!

Mom and daughter bonding with the pigeons!

The family at the Louvre Pyramid Glass.Look how cute baby Gab is!

What a priceless moment at the Eiffel Tower.

There is no right or wrong in parenting, it doesn’t come with manuals. Prioritizing what’s most important and having respect for each other can do wonders on parenting and family life survival.

Just like other new parents out there who are thrilled and overwhelmed by their new responsibilities, Edward and Mai Briña do it differently in style. They keep it fun with a positive attitude, always ready to take on new battles. And one thing’s for sure no matter how hard it is, they’ll do anything to provide what’s best for their growing family.


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Yvette Mejia is a 28-year-old lady who spent her early years in the Philippines.
A nurse by profession, she migrated to Canada in 2014.
Betty, her friends fondly call her, wasn’t sure what to expect.
Unlike other migrant stories, Betty’s was different. Since she’s staying with her relatives, she didn’t have to deal with homesickness that much.
Though she was excited for her first trip outside Asia, she knew a lot of uncertainties await her. It was her first time to be away from her family and taking a 360-degree turn from her life back in the Philippines certainly frightened her.

During their trip from the airport to her new home, her cousins told her about trail hiking and other outdoor activities that she can enjoy and get used to.
Unless she did the Grouse Grind, she was told, she can’t be considered a true-blue Vancouverite yet. So, to Grouse Grind trail she went.
The Grouse Grind started it all and the rest is history.
Back in the Philippines, Betty used to enjoy early morning jogs with her friends. She also loved yoga and the calmness it brought her.
So when the idea of trail hiking came in to picture, she was game for it.True enough, it took her to places she exactly hoped for!
Betty realized how lucky she is to live in Vancouver.
“Who wouldn’t be excited to go and explore if you see that view, whether you’re driving or on the skytrain, everyday? We are surrounded with nature and it was just a matter of having the time to explore all these beautiful sites “, she said.
Take a peek into Betty’s new world!
Tunnel Bluffs
Located at Squamish-Lillooet D, BC, Canada. Hikers still opt for it despite having strenuously steep trails. Betty being here twice simply means it’s worth the sweat!
Brandywine Falls 
Brandywine Falls is a popular spot and a breeze for hikers. It only takes a 10-minute walk going to the waterfalls. Here you can see the entire trail of Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.
Joffre Lake
Fishing, climbing, hiking, camping and this view? Perfection! A 4-kilometer hike will take you to this paradise.
Stawamus Chief
Claimed to be the second largest granite monolith in the world, The Chief towers 2,297 ft. above sea level.  Despite its high elevation, it has no railings or safety installations. Ropes for rock climbing can also be accessed.
Deep Cove
Found in North Vancouver, it has everything an outdoor enthusiast needs. It has parks, forests, mountains and skiing activities conveniently located in near proximity to each other.
Betty celebrated her third year in Canada last August 2017.
She said,”Hiking brings about a different personality in all of us”. It also teaches us how to live life. ” The trails would test your physical strengths and weaknesses. Most of the time, we help out and cheer each other on when we get to the tricky parts. By the end of the day, everyone will be tired but you can always count on someone to help you make the last push and finish the hike”, she added.
Betty has surely come a long way and hiking played a good role on her journey.
She’s thankful for new opportunities that opened new experiences, new friends and all the life lessons that came with it.
For more of Betty’s hike pictures, you may download the PeN app in Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Follow the ‘Global Expats’ community to see the pictures. 



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Filipino foreign workers in Barcelona, Spain must be so lucky to have true heroes around them.

During the August 2017 terror attack in Spain, Jaime Gutierrez actively looked around to provide a helping hand to anyone who might be needing it.

The terror attack victimized a Filipino family in Barcelona vacationing from Ireland.


During one of Jaime’s visits to the Filipino terror victims in BCN. (Photo courtesy of Jaime Gutierrez)

Jaime, out of his goodwill, searched for the location of the said family to make sure of their safety. Fortunately, he found the victims and made sure that his fellow Filipinos’ needs are being met. He observed and offered moral support until the victims have completely recovered.

Jaime stayed and assisted the victims without asking for anything in return.

Jaime during one of the awareness rallies after the terror attack in BCN, Spain.


Jaime has been residing in Barcelona, Spain for some time now. He’s a very active person and just like every OFW, he works his heart out for his family.

“Jimmy”, as he is fondly called by people close to him, may look serious but is full of humor and fun.


PeN Chat’s SOS feature can be used to rescue anyone, even your friend in need using your smartphone. Click the photo to download the app. Try it!


As a family man, he is obviously loved by his offspring and grandchildren.

He knows his priorities but he also makes sure that he is able to help people in dire situations, especially his ‘kababayans’ in Barcelona.

He is a good leader who helps other individuals in Spain through their civic group called 1-GANAP which helps citizens wholly.




When he arrived in Barcelona, he had a difficult time landing a job. The first opportunity that he got was to be a church sweeper which he gladly obliged wholeheartedly. He knows how it is to start at the bottom so now that he’s doing better, he makes sure to be a guiding light for everyone who is starting out on their own in a foreign land.

The world needs more people like Jaime.

His deeds are proof that you don’t need tons of money to help. Being genuinely caring like Jaime is all that it takes, no strings attached.

Indeed, the world is a better place having him around.


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While the Philippines, being a top exporter of labor all over the globe, doesn’t have a concrete policy  to care for Filipino migrant workers yet, a group of courageous overseas workers themselves commenced a movement that aims to support every OFW.

Centro Filipino for Returning Migrants or CF4RM, is a religious organization that binds OFWs with their vow to establish a platform of services that would provide holistic assistance to anyone in their community.


With a common misconception that everyone who works abroad can automatically secure a bright future, CF4RM backs up migrants especially when things don’t go as planned.

While it is true that there is no place like home, reality will always chase this 21st century situation where migration is inevitable. More families are gapped by thousands of miles, more individuals needed to face foreign lands, new culture and new people to adapt to, whether they like it or not.

There are lots of overseas laborers who are still stuck in loans, sudden joblessness, grave sicknesses, and even internal problems with their families.

Being far away in a foreign land sometimes disconnect them to their home land, another truth a foreign worker will need to face especially when their work abroad is over. After long working years abroad, the sudden change in atmosphere and workload somehow brings out a feeling of bizarreness. Going home to the Philippines often make some of them feel lost. What previously defines them no longer applies to their present status. Hence, a transitory phase is called for to make their reintegration with their families a lot easier.


                                                                Posing with friends and members with their unfinished multi-purpose function hall behind them.


                                                                                                                                                           While visiting an ailing member.


                                                                        A group photo during a meeting in the Philippine Embassy.


Good thing, CF4RM is a common ground for them to start anew.

In less than 5 years, CF4RM has already managed to put up their own cooperative, the BAGIMPCO or Balik-Ginhawa Multi-purpose Cooperative. It offers livelihood programs and loans to their members, providing alternative options to most of them. These livelihood programs do not only benefit their financial necessities but also gives them a sense of hope, boosting their morals, alleviating everyone’s self-worth through their community formation.

                              Pineapple Jam, made from the heart. One of the products of BAGIMPCO.

Being true to their nature as modern heroes, CF4RM wishes to reach out to more Filipino foreign workers and their families as well. More than just economical reasons, they wish to retain the beautiful Filipino traditions and values to every OFW family, especially the youngsters,  who are subjected to liberalism and modernity.

By keeping everyone grounded through deepened faith and culturally connected actions, CF4RM not only creates a common idealism of goodness and conducive alliance. CF4RM brings out a nature of appreciation to one’s journey and existence, no matter who they are or where they came from. Belonging rightfully to a community of modern heroes, that is Centro Filipino.


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Check out this awesome  team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia consisting of Filipino common workers! For a nation who customary sends their natives in other lands to contribute to their economy's growth, there's nothing unusual anymore when a Filipino decides to leave the country for good in exchange of a greener pasteur. Adjusting to a new life depends on every unique situation but when a dearth of homesickness kicks in, Filipinos appear to have mastered the spirit of 'Bayanihan' and knows pretty sure how to cure a 'Kabayan' longing for home.

Their group, the FILIPINO OFW SPORTS LEAGUE IN MALAYSIA or FOSLIM, has 30 active all-girl members and still growing. It all started with a vision to work in harness with other Filipinos to show a strong force of valuable individuals who are not just common workers in a foreign land, but  good and decent people who excel in camaraderie and sports. They play various team sports, volleyball and basketball at most times.

There were sad instances when employers just won't allow their workers to go outside their workplace. "Marami po'ng amo na hindi pumapayag bigyan ng day off ang kanilang mga kasambahay dahil ayaw nilang mapunta sa masamang barkada.(There are lots of employers who won't allow their employees to have a day off because they were afraid that they will just be introduced to wrong acquiantances that would lead to vices and being unprofessional)," said Maryjul, the spokesperson of the team handling their social media account. It's just an example of what these foreign workers face abroad, they are susceptible to partiality and prejudice.

Good thing their team started to make a good mark. When their employers learned about their sports team, a surge in members came in. Their employers have finally let them enjoy the company of their fellow 'Pinoys'. They just eat at picnics after a tiring game while having a good laugh. FOSLIM  is setting a good standard in terms of social acceptance. Hence, a polished track record and happier days await these workers. They have found an outlet where they can divert their attention instead of just thinking of their families back in the Philippines.


For now, this team of Filipino sports-enthusiasts just want to enjoy the company of each other while playing all sort of sports on their free time to keep them active physically and mentally while having fun. They want other Filipinos to know about them so they can join their team and be introduced into their exciting world! The Filipino hospitality has always been impressive. Keep it up!

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: The MALLI Sweethearts of California

Starting out a family can be a handful so choosing the right life partner is important. This young couple found each other and couldn’t ask for more. You couldn’t deny how devoted they are to each other. Meet Aman and Palvi Malli from Daly City, California. The Indian couple met in the Philippines but decided to live in the States. When they first met, they knew they were a match made in heaven. Not long after their first meeting, they made a life-long decision to be each other’s spouse.

Raising a family is tough but it seems nothing for Aman and Palvi. Every thing is worth it because they care and support each other. They recently received their greatest gift, Jass, their first-born child. Aman, as the head of the family, is always busy at work but still find time to relax and enjoy his time with his family. Palvi, on the other hand, juggles work and her new life as a mom. She will eventually enter medical school to continue her plans of becoming a medical doctor. On their free time, they eat out at restaurants, visit parks and watch movies.

Life in America is fast-paced and chaotic but for these two, they are certainly sure how to deal with it. Aman and Palvi are so in love with each other that even stress won’t bring them down. They are very lucky to have  supportive family and friends. This Indian couple is truly thankful and blessed. Life, they deal with it together, one day at a time. Indeed, love keeps them going.

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