Pen App finally lands on Google Play

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Discover great places to visit, places you really want see, where you can shop for your personal style, where you find your favorite food and activities that tailor made your lifestyle.


Revolutionizing the simple pen, with advancement of technology the simple pen is no longer just for writing but is now for multi-faced communications. In the past Pen Chat App used it to write or draw and communicate, now it can do a lot more including using it to make phone calls, share content and interact in the real world.


PeN is an instant Social Messaging application that combines the simplicity of instant messaging and the reach of Social Media with free voice, SMS and video services. Like most instant messaging applications it allows sharing of information and like any social media application it enables publishing any content allowed in social circles. Now, it is finally on Google Play!

PEN is designed with the ideals of simplicity and is continuously being improved to provide a better user experience. Basic functionalities includes
– Chat
– Voice Calls
– Photo Sharing
– Video Sharing
– File Sharing
– Location Sharing
– Post to Social Media
– Video Calls
– Discover and Locate Friends
– Personal Safety and Security
– Crime deterrent and prevention
– Discover great places

Download the app now! – Pe/n

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Emoticons and Emojis are Changing the Way We Communicate

A few weeks ago, after I said goodbye to a friend who was moving across the country, I texted her an emoji of a crying face. She replied with an image of chick with its arms outstretched. This exchange might have been heartfelt. It could have been ironic. I’m still not really sure. It’s possible that this friend and I are particularly emotionally stunted, but I put at least part of the blame on emoji. Continue reading →

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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

In the course of recent history it is a fact that the pen is mightier than the sword… The simple pen have changed our history from its violent past to a prosperous present. Now PeN is changing the world again with The European Union soon to abolish special roaming surcharges (http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34646434) the simple pen will change the way we communicate forever in this age of digital media. PeN enables free calls to any number even when roaming anywhere in the world. PeN is the future of making communications free for everyone the way it is supposed to be.
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The New Social Media

They say trends come and go like how fashion just repeats every other era. Today, majority of the earth’s population revolves around entertainment, relationship and all things nice and classy. How would you like to put together all your favorites and interests and browse over numerous brand and fan pages?

With PeN, you can update your profile depending on your interests and browse the PeN community whether you like movies, sports, celebrities or fashion. Interact with other users by liking similar fanpages and sending out comments. You can also participate on various polls and be heard because everyone’s opinion matters and PeN would like to share it to your fellow users.

PeN also let you see all exciting events related to your interests because we don’t want you to waste time scrolling for so long or tapping too many icons and still can’t find what you really like to view. This trend is the new social media that will unquestionably going to make your life more enjoyable and interactive.

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Connect For Free

We live in a mobile world. A world where we are constantly on the move, whether flying to an exotic destination or going to work and while on the move we have the need and the urge to communicate. In the good old past we communicate to ones beside us, in a bus, in a plane or standing in queue. In today’s world we communicate to friends from all over the world, 10,000 kilometers away and yet ignore the ones beside us… This world is truly an amazing place…. Or is it that we as humans have our needs and desires evolved or is constantly evolving as new technologies become available to us.

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