Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

What made you heartbroken lately?

Do you remember the times when you’ve poured your heart out to something you really believed was worthwhile?

Like doing something with all your heart but still failed miserably?

Don’t beat yourself up.

There will always be tough times that will test all the faith in you.

Sometimes, it will require a level of sacrifice that you are more than willing to take.

When life throws you a curve ball, you will do and follow its course. Bend so you will not break.

What made you heartbroken lately?

Relationship? Work?

Maybe you expected too much.
Take out remorse and replace it with gratitude.

Let yourself grieve but not to the point of letting bitterness take in.

Know that you’ve done your part; and anything you’ve done were essential to the journey that is expected; a continuation of the karmic event. Something that is beyond your control.

Rise up for yourself but to never malign others. Still, make yourself whole by putting yourself last. Stand your ground. Believe in your vision.

Forgive yourself so you can move on and do better.

Moving on is not just letting go but finishing your mission and heading on to the next.

Make waiting worthwhile. Rest, meditate, transform. Leave burdening situations or people behind, anything or anyone that refuses to grow.

Be ready when your stars have aligned again. For now, do things you need to become more of yourself.

Recharge and make it whole again.

Start over and feel SUPER LOVED!

Download the Playstore version here:

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Let your kids’ imagination play with these cute and whimsical dolls!

The Oddboo dolls will definitely make a statement especially now that the holidays are fast approaching!

If you’re looking for fresh gift ideas, Oddboo would be a perfect gift for your young ones. It would surely be a hit with their friends!


Let your kids change the doll’s looks with their cleverly stylish wardrobe. Set the mood by dressing the dolls playfully or chic; nerdy or informal!

Have a fun photoshoot session by posing with them!

Make fond memories with your kids with the Oddboo dolls today!


Upload your Oddboo dolls on PeN community! Let’s see who’s got the best look with Oddboo’s #OOTD!


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What’s the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kids?

What’s the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kids?

When it comes to parenting, I wouldn’t say I’m the best. In fact, it’s still a long shot before I become one (if ever I will become one). However, have you ever thought of what’s the best thing you can give your kids? I mean, we can’t live forever. At some point, they will have to live on their own.

Some parents would secure their kids’ future by opening a trust fund, handing down a car, buying them a property, or establishing a business which they can continue. These are all good, right? And I see nothing wrong. However, if you are to ask me, I would rather not leave my kids material things but life lessons which they need to survive.

I will teach them the following concepts:

  • You don’t need to be rich to be happy.
  • You can survive with simple things in life.
  • The world’s resources are enough. Learn how to share.
  • Dream big to make the world a better place for everyone! 

The last one is something we all have to embrace. You see, we always want to dream big – but most of the time, we dream for ourselves. Wouldn’t it be better if we dream for everyone’s future? With small steps and with that same ideals, we can definitely make a change. Sounds cliche, yes! But effective!

Speaking of making the world a better place, that’s one of the reasons why I stay with PeN. This app has the objective of bringing the world closer through technology. We want to touch lives and help more people improve in small ways that we can.

Download now and learn more.

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How Technology is Helping Me as a Single Parent

How Technology is Helping Me as a Single Parent

I’m a single mom of 2 young kids, and I work multiple jobs to thrive.

A lot of people asked me how I juggle things and I always tell them it’s all about time management and the support I get from my family. But looking at it now, I have to thank the wonders of technology for helping me get by. Here are the reasons why:

Online Jobs

If you must know, I work from home. Thanks to PeN for giving me that opportunity. And of course, thank you technology for making it possible. Now, I don’t really have to spend money for transportation cost, for food, or even for dress allowance. The money that I save?  I use it for my kids. We go to the malls or I shop for them. Speaking of shopping, let’s go to my next point.

Online Shopping

It was just recently that I trusted online shopping. Years ago, it was so hard to transact online. You would always fear that someone might steal your identity and might use your credit card for an all-shopping spree. Of course, that still happens if you are not careful. But I have to say, online shopping now has been better and safer.

Speaking of which, online shopping will be available in PeN in the future. What’s good is that you may use your earned PeNney for buying. What I worry now is that I will get addicted to using PeN. Haha! 

Paying the Bills

You don’t have to leave your houses just to settle the bills. Everything can be done online. Just imagine that time you are saving. You can now teach your kids their lessons, or play with them.


I love to learn. It doesn’t matter if it’s about cooking, my jobs, or how-tos in life. I just love to watch presentations and trying to broaden my knowledge about everything and anything under the sun. Luckily, there are a lot of affordable online training facilities like UDEMY.

Online Support Group

Surprisingly, there are a lot of single moms who work from home and you can find them in different online support groups. Because of that, we are able to share experiences and tips to level up our parenting style.

You might think that I depend my life on the internet, but you are wrong. I just try to maximize what technology has to offer. If there is a chance for me and my kids to go out, we still do it. I even use PeN’s locator to see if I have friends nearby. So you see, it’s all about balance and trying to take advantage of available resources.


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Rewards of Being a Mom – Joys of Getting Bugged

Rewards of Being a Mom – Joys of Getting Bugged

I became a mom just after my 21st birthday.  It’s an understatement to say that I wasn’t ready for it.

That was 7 years ago.

What did I miss? 

  • I missed a lot of adventures with my girlfriends. 
  • I wasn’t able to apply for law school. 
  • I wasn’t able to climb the corporate ladder. 
  • I wasn’t able to go to the US and study photography.
  • I wasn’t able to do a lot of things. 

Was I sad? Well, sometimes you’d really feel left alone. However, when I became a mom, I realized I did and a still doing more….

  • I learned how to change diapers. 
  • I learned how to be resourceful. 
  • I learned how to be compassionate. 
  • I learned how to be brave.
  • I learned how to prioritize. 
  • I learned how to ‘learn’ new things. 
  • I learned how to be selfless. 
  • I learned how to be the best version of myself. 

The list can go on and on and on….and I’m sure a lot of moms can totally relate.

Since I have kids (7 and 5), you can just imagine how chaotic our home is. Sometimes they are annoying, but most times, they are my source of joy.

My kids give meaning to my life. They push me to improve myself because naturally, I wouldn’t want to be a bad role model.

My kids allow me to make mistakes, so why would I punish them for theirs? 

Our kids are smart. They will begin to question things which do not have concrete answers. I remember just the other day, I reached my boiling point and threw the nearest book I grabbed.

My son and daughter asked me, “Do you really have to do that?”

I just kept my mouth shut and I thought, “How can these kids be so full of wisdom?”

When I already calmed myself, I asked them if they still love me even if I get mad.

Without thinking twice – they said, YES!

You can learn so much from your kids. Their innocence would remind you that we are born and raised to be good.

Free Hugs 

When my kids are having tantrums, or if something is bothering them, I taught them to just give me a hug. After all, hugs can bring us happiness. (This is scientifically proven!) Simply put – I receive numerous hugs per day.

Lovely, isn’t it? In fact, when they feel that my day isn’t going right, they absolutely know how to turn it around. To make it better, they would hug me or make lovely notes.

These simple joys make me realize that material things will only make you happy to certain extents. What matters most is the people around you, and how they treat you.

At PeN, we are like a family. We treat each other with so much compassion and we respect different opinions. And of course, we extend our family to our PeN Pals. We share what is due to them by providing rewards.

If you want to earn just by using a messaging app (that does more), download PeN right now.



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Effective Rewards for your Teens – It’s Not About Money!

Effective Rewards for your Teens – It’s Not About Money!

If you are a parent of a teenager, you sometimes ask yourself why they act so much different from your younger self. You know what – it’s probably the same thing that your parents asked when you were still a teen.

Teenagers are expected to be experimental. They are still learning who they really are, and what they really want. It’s fine if you sometimes give them advice, most especially if you think they are bound to make a HUGE mistake. But it would be also good for them to receive rewards from you every now and then. Rewards do not have to come after a massive achievement. Even their small improvements and efforts should be recognized.

And NO, we are talking about giving them money all the time. There are other forms of rewards which you can give your kids. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen.

Best rewards for your teens

If your teen shows great behavior or stopped a habit which you think is not good, consider giving them the following:

Extended curfew. 

You might want to give your teens an additional hour with friends. I’m pretty sure you are a bit worried about all the crimes happening around. So to ease your worries a bit, you can ask your teens to download PeN and teach them the SOS features. This will allow them to send emergency messages or they can use it to attract attention, if needed.

A tight hug. 

Remember the days when you used to hug your teens (most likely they were still kids back then)? Hugging your teens or giving them a high-five, the least, is a great way to affirm them. If you must know, hugging releases oxytocin which can make us feel happy. You see, there are times when our teens wouldn’t admit that they are going through something. Just give them a hug and that will make a difference.

Extended computer time. 

I bet that an extended computer time would mean so much to them. But make sure that you will do this on a weekend. Just make a strict rule about this because you wouldn’t want their school grades to be affected. Would you?

Sleepover with friends. 

You can also suggest to your teens to invite their friends over. Order pizza, allow them to watch their favorite movies, and prepare cold sodas. I guarantee – you will be their favorite. and your house will be the go-to place! This is a great idea because you will be able to assess if your teen is spending time with a good circle.

A concert ticket.

How about concert tickets? You can also join if you want too. But if you think that it would make your teen a bit uncomfortable, you can just offer a ride.

Bedroom Makeover. 

Give your teen the freedom to change his or bedroom design. If they want to put posters of their favorite bands (even if you think the band sucks), let them be. At least from this, they can already maximize their creativity.

New clothes. 

Need I say more? Teens love new clothes. You can just give them a budget and take them for a shopping.



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Global Expats Feature: Mai and Edward’s Family Life in U.K 

Global Expats Feature: Mai and Edward’s Family Life in U.K 

The experience of moving to a foreign country is such a daunting task. Leaving the place you grew up in and starting life anew is something that is expected by every global expat.

Leaving friends and families, being optimistic after bequeathing investments in the hands of relatives, ending an era of a cozy life in exchange of greener pastures sometimes add up to the worries of most of them.

Mai and Edward Brina’s daily life in United Kingdom as foreign workers constitute a much tremendous addition to their routine as if juggling professional life in the U.K is not exhausting at all. This young couple synchronize their schedules to take turns in taking care of their two adorable tots! Can you imagine keeping a job and having two kids in tow without help? Their daily itinerary may be a bit chaotic but they are truly blessed despite being extremely busy 24/7!

For this couple, good parenting does not mean being deglamorized. They make sure they tend time for themselves and of course, some couple time.

During quiescent days, they go out and explore the city. Sometimes, they visit neighboring European countries when they get the chance.

A literal walk in the park with the adorable kids.

Dad with Little Miss George and Baby Boss Gab. London Eye as their background.

Mom and Little Miss George. Behind them is the Big Ben.

The QUEEN! George and Gab’s mom looks classically chic!

Mom and daughter bonding with the pigeons!

The family at the Louvre Pyramid Glass.Look how cute baby Gab is!

What a priceless moment at the Eiffel Tower.

There is no right or wrong in parenting, it doesn’t come with manuals. Prioritizing what’s most important and having respect for each other can do wonders on parenting and family life survival.

Just like other new parents out there who are thrilled and overwhelmed by their new responsibilities, Edward and Mai Briña do it differently in style. They keep it fun with a positive attitude, always ready to take on new battles. And one thing’s for sure no matter how hard it is, they’ll do anything to provide what’s best for their growing family.


Want to be featured? Download PeN in Google Play and Apple Store!

Check it out at

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Today, another musical icon died. Chester Bennington committed suicide. The singer is known to have been struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse and in fact,  said he considered killing himself as he had been abused by an older male as a kid. Chester is a close friend of Chris Cornell, who also hanged himself a couple of months ago.

Now, it’s hard not to be alarmed with the increasing number of deaths due to substance abuse which actually, most of the time, rooted from depression. If you have friends or kids whom you think are suffering from it and might be on the verge of abusing drugs, or worst, killing themselves, it is best to know how to help them before it ends tragically.

This is a short checklist which you can use to identify the signs and symptoms of depression

  1. Extreme sadness
  2. Short temper
  3. Frequent crying
  4. Avoiding family and friends
  5. Stop doing things which are of interest
  6. Bad school performance
  7. Drastic changes in sleeping and eating habits
  8. Agitated
  9. Always guilty
  10. Lack of enthusiasm
  11. No energy
  12. Lack of concentration
  13. Inexplainable aches and pains

Best to talk to your teens, or better yet – GET HELP!

How about suicide? How can you tell if one person is? 

  1. They talk about it, or even joke about it
  2. They speak death as if it is the best thing
  3. Writing or drawing things related to death
  4. Having a lot of accidents
  5. Giving things to loved ones
  6. Saying sincere goodbyes
  7. Looking for weapons and other means that can end their lives

How do you communicate with a depressed teen? 

  • LISTEN – Don’t Judge
  • Acknowledge what they feel!

Again, get help before it’s too late.

At PeN, we value mental health. We want to spread the word on how we can help those who are suffering from depression, and we want to save them from further trouble. If you want to share your stories, feel free to create a community on PeN.

Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android users


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5 Phone Apps that Ease Out Depression

5 Phone Apps that Ease Out Depression

This era of high technology has its own pros and cons and it’s good to know that the health field is benefiting from it too. Help is just one download away most especially to those who are trying to win a battle towards depression. Here is a list of mobile apps that offers a wide variety of help to their users:


  1. Think Up: Positive Affirmations

Want to break the cycle of negativity? This app will help you further up your positivity game. Record your chants or self-affirmations to cut the blues away. You can even add your own music into it. Think Up can be a great help when you want to change your perspective.

  1. Fabulous: Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep

This app is excellent for those who want to try new things but are afraid to start or just don’t know how to start. Fabulous app will let you plot and plan your activities and will help you schedule these to lessen your burdens and anxiety to keep you going one step closer to your higher self. It will tell you when to disconnect and when to start moving. Go try it!

  1. Aware: Your Personal Mindfulness Trainer

There are days when it’s just exhausting for no reason. You can try this app to guide you with your thoughts. Sometimes, the brain is just a little tricky and feeding your body with thoughts you don’t even need. ‘Aware’ is like a therapist that will calm you or sometimes, will just cradle you to sleep bringing you in deep relaxation.

  1. Pen Chat

Sometimes, things just fall apart. Pen Chat has an ‘SOS’ feature where you can readily put the names of people dearest to you. The SOS feature will store the names and numbers of these people in case you have come to a point of harming yourself. Pen Chat will keep this list and will keep you safe by just clicking the SOS button if that point in time will happen (hopefully not!).

  1. Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

Sometimes, you just need to sweat it out, right? There are studies that says a lot about exercise as a great help beating anxiety and depression. It might be the happy hormones being released during the process. You can try it to release those happy endorphins out.


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One kid sent a letter back to his parents from the summer camp and it was extremely funny!

A young witty boy named Alex just found out that he had no toys and other whatnots that can keep him busy during free period in the camp. He decided to write a letter to his parents and you can read it below.

“How the h*** did you not check if I had toys, I was so bored during free period. I expected more from you mom not so much dad” Alex wrote.

Well, the family knew that Alex is very humorous and took the letter lightly. Alex’ parents sent the package with all the goodies and he responded with a sweet letter.

“Dear Mom, Thank you for the package that you gave me. I am working on a lego set. Are you doing anything interesting, I am. I love you and hope you stay safe.”

I can’t help but giggle a bit reading the kid’s letters. It shows the closeness and the fun atmosphere they have within their family.

Do you want to send instant messages to your kids at camp? If they are allowed to have smartphones, you might want to Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android users!

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