PeN Rewards

Timeline Posts = Rewards

Timeline Posts = Rewards

And Jim gets rewarded for it!

Go update your PeN Timelines now.

Make it a habit because more updates mean more rewards!

*Use your PeNNey to call a number around the globe.

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Winning more PeNNeY rewards in Lucky Draw

Winning more PeNNeY rewards in Lucky Draw

As part of our desire and efforts in PeN to share to our users the benefits we gain from using app, we have been giving PeNNeY rewards through lucky draw.

In Lucky Draw, you are able to win PeNNeY rewards at random from 1 to 100 PeNNeY. For example, the last few hours there were 3 lucky winners of 100 PeNNeY. Although it is our desire to give as much PeNNeY as we possibly can in Lucky Draw the total amount is limited by how much revenue we generate from advertising.

In the past weeks, there were more users playing Lucky Draw, hence some of you who has been playing Lucky Draw for a long time now might notice a reduce in total amount won per day. Its like the lottery, the prize money is finite and distributed amongst various winners. We are of course working on a way for you to win and earn more PeNNeY so you can continuously use those PeNNeY rewards to get in touch with your friends and family who are not PeN users. Also very soon for you to exchange the PeNNeY reward to real world monetary values. Think of it like mining bitcoin but without the need for high  powered and expensive computers doing the processing for you 24 hours a day.

For us to provide more prizes in Lucky Draw we will need to generate more advertising revenue, this can be achieved with more users and longer usage in the app. Having said that we are cooking up some ways for you to earn more PeNNeY by simply using the app.

PeNNeY rewards will be given away in various ways such as how long time you use the app, including viewing videos posted in the app, the number of post you make in the app, how many times you like post from others such as your friends or those you follow in the app, the number of likes your posts gets, the number of minutes you call another PeN pal app to app and many more possibilities.

In essence the more you use the app the more the possibilities for you to earn more PeNNeY.

If you use PeN regularly you will be able to earn around 5,000 PeNNeY per month, that will be a lot higher of course once you get more likes on your posts. Please look out for announcements that will be made in the coming days about this new ways to earn PeNNeY rewards.

Having said that the more usage in the app that you can generate the higher the total amount of PeNNeY rewards that can be won in Lucky Draw. We at PeN recognises that its you, our PeN Pals, who actually power this start-up to success hence we always ensure that we give back to you what we make through PeNNeY rewards. Soon you will be able to use PeNNeY not only to Call and SMS but also to shop.

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The New Girl


Trixie just started her semester at a new university.  It’s quite challenging to be the new girl in school! Good thing she has PeN on her phone.

This awesome app keeps her company during breaks while keeping her safe with its SOS feature! 




She posts updates on her timeline, checks posts from her friends back home and more.  She got rewarded with PeNNEy just by liking her friends’ posts! Isn’t that awesome?


Earn 1 PeNNeY when you like 50 up to 200 times on posts in the community and timeline.


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During the last days of my involvement with Dingli (a publicly listed company in China) that acquired my previous company in Sweden, I spent days and sleepless nights contemplating on what I want to do next. Prior to that, I invested in a small start-up that is creating an instant messaging solution.

On those unholy hours of deep soul searching, I came to the thoughts of who in the world can possibly influence my thoughts. Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Bill Gates and Richard Branson look like the heroes of my imaginations with the common aspiration of making this world a better place. The question I asked myself is, How can I make this world a better place in my own little ways? I then contemplated in what I am good at and how can that make a difference to the bigger world.

The Idea of PeN


The idea of PeN as a super app or app for everything is not new. I actually pitch idea during the acquisition of my previous company way back in 2011, however at that time they are not interested to go to consumer market… that of course, until I found out Tencent launched WeChat a few months later. So the idea of creating a responsible, secure and transparent super app persisted.

Where WeChat is failing is where PeN will succeed, the market outside China. The question I had to answer is what will PeN be all about? Are we going to revolutionize that simple pen and make it into an app for everything, like you do in the old days use a pen communicate, to draw, to sign checks and more – The same simple pen which in high school, I played with instead of listening to my class lessons.

In the succeeding weeks, I took the instant messaging solution in Sweden and molded it to our vision of connecting the world. Our mission is to connect everyone in the four corners of the world, online and offline – taking from our expertise in mobile technology and background in telecoms.

Connecting the world means we bring easy access communications, information, social media, emergency,  health services, shopping and location-based services including the underserved and often ignored population of this world. In doing so we want to improve lives in every little way we can, and leave a lasting legacy in this world. PeN will be free and accessible to all. Going on this journey, Elena Pechko and Charisma Quebral, Abbey Alidoosti shared that vision and later Dr. Jerry Genuino joined to make this vision our mission.

Our success depends on our users, and we will give back what they deserve

Early on we have realized that the success of PeN is dependent on our users, and in that way, we would always give back to our users any benefits we reap in PeN. This is carried over to the services we provide, free services on what typically costs money. From PSTN phone calls to SMS to Emergency and Health Services. We made PeN publicly available in July 2016, a lot of our first PeN Pals have joined us in this journey until today and looking forward to that journey into the future.

We have a digital currency called PeNNeY, of which the original aim is to create a digital currency that our users can use to transact in PeN including paying for services and products. PeNNeY will be free to our users and they will be able to earn PeNNeY from their usage of PeN. In this way, we share the benefits we reap from our users’ continuous use of the app.

As we continued to grow 2 venture capitals in Sweden, ALMI and Spintop joined our journey. A year on our journey continues and have exceeded 1 million users and the time has come to further accelerate our growth and hence started looking for additional venture partners to join our journey and share our vision of making this world a bit better place. As part of this journey, we are improving the way we give back to our users, to you our PeN Pals by introducing a way for you to exchange the PeNNeY rewards you earned to real-world monetary values. You will be able to use your PeNNeY rewards to purchase digital products or physical products in PEN and gift certificates with our partners. We also are introducing an influencer program for those of our PeN Pals with a lot of followers and fans.

To our current PeN Pals I encourage you to continue using the app and maximise the benefits of more usage.  To you that will soon become our PeN Pals I welcome you to experience the benefits of PeN and join us in our journey to connect the world and make this world a bit better place for everyone.

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Dear PeN Pals,

Today we share a very good news with you!

This week we will enable a way for you to redeem the PeNNeY rewards you earned or won in PeN and convert it to real world monetary value. This week and the next, we will also introduce more ways for you to earn PeNNeY by using the app.

No purchases needed, all you need to do is keep using the app.

Earning PeNNeY Rewards

You will be able to win PeNNeY Rewards by playing Lucky Draw, like you do today.

You will be able to earn PeNNeY rewards in various ways, starting this week. The rewards are earned daily and monthly. What you can earn will be published in the PeN website and community pages.

  • Liking posts. This can be a post from your Timeline>Popular or from Community posts that you follow
  • Likes of your own posts. Every like of your posts counts
  • Daily usage

So go ahead and like posts that you follow, get your friends to signup to PeN to get more likes, and that they too, can earn PeNNeY rewards.

Next week you will have more ways to earn PeNNeY and these will also be published in the PeN website and community pages.

Earn rewards daily and monthly.

  • Your post in your own Timeline>My Clique
  • Call another PeN user (calls to other phone numbers are not included)
  • Daily visit to your Timeline or Community pages
  • The amount of time you use your timeline (watching videos in PeN)
  • Using Spot place searches

Redeeming your PeNNeY Rewards

We are trailing several ways for you to redeem and exchange your PeNNeY rewards.

  • You will able to use your PeNNeY to buy products inside PeN
  • You will be able to redeem and exchange your PeNNeY to real world monetary value.

For now, to redeem PeNNeY to a real-world monetary value, you will need to make a request inside PeN>Suggestions. We will then process and confirm your request before the award is completed. The minimum number of PeNNeY before you can redeem is 5,000 PeNNeY.

This redemption will be through Gift Certificates with our affiliated shopping portals. Please check when you redeem your PeNNeY if your favourite shopping portals are included.

It is possible for you to generate a lot more PeNNeY once more followers are liking your posts. For those who are able to earn at least  50,000 PeNNeY rewards, we will enable a facility for you to redeem in cash vouchers.

You can start earning PeNNeY that you can redeem or exchange to real-world monetary value today. Use the app as much as you can and invite your friends to get more likes.

Please note that like in every reward and loyalty programs, terms and conditions apply so please check PeN community in the app for further announcements.

The exchange rate for PeNNeY redemption will be published in the PeN website and community pages.


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It pays to be liked!

It pays to be liked!

Did you know that you get PeNNeY* reward when your Timeline or Community post gets liked by other PeN Pals?

*Use your PeNNey to call a number around the globe.

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Keep those posts coming!

Keep those posts coming!

Luke loves keeping in touch with his friends from all over the world.

He always makes it a point to post photos and any updates via PeN.

When you have plenty of friends around the globe, PeN makes it easier for you to stay in touch with them!

And here is what’s in store for PeN Pals who post regularly on their PeN Timeline, they get rewarded!

Keep those posts coming and get more PeNNeY* rewards!

*Use your PeNNeY to call a number around the globe.

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Start your day right!

Jenny wakes up early everyday and starts her day with some Yoga.

She usually take photos of her yoga poses and share it to her friends and followers online.

She also posts it on her PeN timeline.

Did you know that with your first timeline post, you can start earning 3 PeNNey everyday?

That makes 84 PeNNey in a month just by simply sharing your morning thoughts! Stay tuned for more PeN Rewards tips and how you can earn more PeNNey*!

*Use your PeNNey to call a number around the globe.

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