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You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

To you whoever is reading this:

You are worthy.

You are a beautiful soul.

Take charge of your life, stand up for yourself (and for your kids).

If you have endured so much pain; accepted how life turned out for you; reading this message of hope means there is still a light waiting for you.

Love should not be abusive; should not hurt.

Silence should mean peace – not hide violence.

Show the world the scars they can’t see.

Revive your self-esteem.

Fight for what has been lost.

Let yourself be heard.

You can start now.

There’s a gift for you here. We know you can figure it out:


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Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

A colleague just started a ‘minimalist’ lifestyle. While I know a thing or two about it, I realized – I need to understand it further. If you want to have a change of lifestyle, you might need to have a deeper look at this concept.

What is NOT true about Minimalism 

It’s not about throwing EVERYTHING! It’s about learning what’s important to you.

You can’t buy new things. You can, of course! It’s just that, you are replacing the old ones and not just adding up.

It happens overnight. Different people will have a different approach and getting there isn’t a race.

Minimalists are all vegan. NOPE!

You cannot sustain a minimalist lifestyle. Really? Why not?

Minimalists are not stylish. They have their own style. They just don’t follow the trends. That doesn’t mean they are not stylish.

What to throw away!

Starting a new lifestyle but could not figure out what needs to be thrown away? Maybe this list can help you.

  • Tons of buttons
  • Window bill envelopes
  • Expired canned goods
  • Unused wires
  • Unused utensils
  • Old gadgets
  • Unused notepads
  • Dollar store items without any use
  • Tiny nails and screws
  • Wedding souvenirs
  • Wine bottles
  • Alarm clock (because you have your phone)
  • Extra pencil sharpeners
  • Paperweights
  • Unused vases
  • Bad linens
  • Tons of scratch papers
  • Promotional shirts that do not fit
  • Loads of bubble wrap
  • Dried glues
  • Boxes from gadgets and other electronics
  • Extra belts
  • Extra scarves
  • A lot of chopsticks

Also, you might want to try out this cool app that is perfect for minimalists. We have PeN, an all in one app that lets you do so many things without eating so much space on your phone.

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SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

During this time of the year,  a lot of us would usually jot down our “New Year’s Resolutions” list.

The list would often consist of promises leaving every bad habits to the previous year behind making space for more promising opportunities for the coming year.

But does the list meet your life’s reality? Oftentimes, it does not!

Rather than dwelling on things you cannot really change on yourself, why not find a more realistic approach- like looking for ways to make your daily life a lot easier to deal with?

Thank goodness for technology that it has gone so advanced it could make a daunting day so easy!

The rise of super apps could lead to more potentials bringing in more benefits to everyone.

SUPERAPPS are all-in-one applications that makes the most of your time and pleasure!

Here are the benefits you can get from opting on one rather than other dissected and individual applications:

  1. SAVES ON SPACE. Super apps consist of an array of  applications that are usually downloaded individually. With the rise of super apps, the usual 10 apps download would all be present in one app -that is in the super app. Eating up user’s smartphone memory space is now a thing of the past!
  2.  MAKES YOU MONEY. You read it right! There are certain super apps that lets you earn real cash. So don’t lose this chance to utilize these super app’s superb benefits!
  3. LETS YOU CONNECT TO OTHER LIKE-MINDED PERSONS. To set the record straight, superapps are not boring! Users can also enjoy social interaction with their posts, photos and other fun activities!
  4. CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE. There are built-in features that anticipates its user’s personal needs like health and emergency situations. There are certain features that lets you warn other people whilst viral outbreaks or hopeless situations occur.
  5. GIVES YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR TIME. Superapps can work on its own and it is easy to maintain! Since it has an all-in-one use, you can say that it is sustainable in terms of giving its users their daily usage needs. Calls, SMS, Video Calls, Maps and Bots are all present!
  6.  FREE. Users can explore how they can make free calls and SMS to local carriers anywhere in the world!

Having known this new concept certainly brings in more productivity. Hence, a brighter 2018 awaits everyone!

Gear up with super apps this year!

Download the Playstore version here: http://bit.ly/2jazDsN


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Let your kids’ imagination play with these cute and whimsical dolls!

The Oddboo dolls will definitely make a statement especially now that the holidays are fast approaching!

If you’re looking for fresh gift ideas, Oddboo would be a perfect gift for your young ones. It would surely be a hit with their friends!


Let your kids change the doll’s looks with their cleverly stylish wardrobe. Set the mood by dressing the dolls playfully or chic; nerdy or informal!

Have a fun photoshoot session by posing with them!

Make fond memories with your kids with the Oddboo dolls today!


Upload your Oddboo dolls on PeN community! Let’s see who’s got the best look with Oddboo’s #OOTD!


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Thinking Twice About Going to a Music Festival?

Thinking Twice About Going to a Music Festival?

PeN Team in the Philippines will be going to a Music Festival in Iloilo. Have you heard of Syzgy Music Festival? That’s it! We are going to vlog and possibly interview some of your favorite local artists. If you are going there, we hope to meet you!

See you PeN Pals!

Am I excited?

Yes. But aside from that, I’m actually pretty nervous. This mom, at 28, will be going to her FIRST music festival. When I heard that I will be flying to witness this, the first thought I had was, ‘What am I going to wear?’. You know, I already gave away my ripped shorts, jeans, and cropped tops in exchange for dresses which I feel more appropriate at my age. I should have saved few pieces!

But what the heck! I’m going there to appreciate the music, not to flaunt my style.

Is that only it? Just the music?

Hell NO!

I’ve been doing some quick research why it is good for you to attend Music Festival. Yes, I am that crazy for still finding enough reason why I should travel island to island. I found out it’s not just about music, it’s actually deeper than that.

It’s UNITY through NOTES

Music alone can define our mood. Now, couple it with a crowd that has full of energy and optimism, and that’s the perfect formula for feeling great again. Strangers will sing together, will dance together, and will enjoy each beat. The harmony created by people from different walks of life is a feast not only to the ears and eyes but also for the heart.

So yes, I’ll go there with whatever I have in my closet and just embrace every single second of the music festival.

At PeN, we are an advocate of unity. Thus, we make our app available not just to people with a strong internet connection, but we make it usable to those with limited access. Download the app now.



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4 Jobs You Can Do at Home – Career Shift When You are Done with Offices!

4 Jobs You Can Do at Home – Career Shift When You are Done with Offices!

Are you tired of working in the office, wearing your corporate attire from Monday to Friday (sometimes even on weekends?)?

Do you want to work in a coffee shop, or maybe work on the beach or somewhere relaxing?

Well, you can do that if you get online jobs. Just so you know, there are a lot of opportunities to choose from. This post will tell you 4 jobs which are in demand. From there you can assess if you can instantly have a career shift, or if you need to improve on some skills first.

Virtual Assistant

When you are a virtual assistant, you get to learn a lot of things. You respond to emails, you do reports, you schedule meetings, and a whole lot more. It isn’t an easy job, but it is definitely fulfilling. And if you are really good at it, you can put up your own Virtual Assistant firm.

Most of the time, your employees will pay for your software subscriptions. But if you are to build your firm, make sure you invest in those. Plus, always training your staff.

Web Developer or Web Designer

I remembered working as a virtual assistant years before and seeing our Web Developer’s pay every month. I was shocked because it was 3x of what I was earning.

I’m just saying that being a web developer or web designer is a lucrative job. And yes, it is in demand. If you are in that field, then you can probably leave your 9 to 5 and just work from home.

Travel Agent

Did you know that you can be a travel agent? It’s really fun to make your own packages while trying to help people plan their next getaway. The best part is – you can do this job/ business even while you are also on your own vacation.


I attended a workshop for freelancers and the speaker mentioned that if there is one job that will not die, it would probably be that of a writer. He said that creating content cannot be done by an AI or a machine and it really has to be personal. Well, perhaps I am on the right track.

Almost everything can be done online, right? And that’s where PeN is heading to. Sooner or later, you can even do your shopping within the app. Watch out for it. Download now. 

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Scared of Online Shopping? Here Are The Things To Consider

Scared of Online Shopping? Here Are The Things To Consider

Online Shopping can be great if you know how to do it properly. You see, there are people who are not used to it and they become victims of online criminals. Here is a quick guide on how to do it.

Only transact with credible websites

Do a little bit of research before you do your online shopping. It’s easy to find and identify scams. Try to avoid websites that offer too good to be true prices. Here in the Philippines, we use Lazada and Zalora. They offer good deals and they have excellent customer service. What are you using in your country? 

Limit what you provide online

In my case, I look for online shopping websites where they allow ‘cash-on-delivery’. This will allow me NOT to provide my credit card details. If in case you really need to provide it, go back to our tip number 1. Check if the website is credible. Also, see if the website starts with HTTPS://  and not with HTTP:// . The former means that the website is secured.

Regularly check your card statements

Do not wait for your copy of credit card statements. Have the initiative to check it from time to time. If you believe there are transactions which you did not make, call up the bank and block the card immediately.

Come up with unique passwords

Stop using your birthday and always go for unusual passwords. Also, I’ve seen a Facebook post asking you to comment your mother’s maiden name. DO NOT JOIN THE BANDWAGON even if they say that you are just being proud of your mom. Chances are, online criminals are already trying to steal your personal information.

Always use your personal computer

As much as you can, do not open your email or do transactions in computer shops. You don’t know how safe their connection or computers are. Just to be safe, transact using your own computer and do it privately.


With PeN, we always ensure safety and security. We are on our way for m-commerce and we assure you that it is safe and sound to transact within our app. Download now and get promos and credits. 


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Why We Love Sharing Economy

Why We Love Sharing Economy

What is this Sharing Economy in the first place?

This simply means, we are sharing our resources may it be skills or properties. And of course, this is more cost efficient than buying your own things, wherein most of the time, you won’t use it.

What are the most popular companies using the Sharing Economy model?

There are actually a lot of companies from different industries.

Skills or Talent Sharing

If you have skills which you think you can’t use for a day-to-day job, then you can offer it through the following:

  • TaskRabbit

  • Zaarly

  • LivePerson

  • Simplist

  • oDesk

  • Elance

House Renting/ Couchsurfing

It connects property owners to people who would like a place to stay when traveling. These are usually cheaper than booking a hotel room. Examples are below:

  • Airbnb

  • VRBO

  • Couchsurfing


It connects people, mostly entrepreneur and artists to possible funders. They usually connect through the following platforms:

  • Kickstarter

  • Indiegogo

Ride sharing

Instead of using your own car, you can share a ride. Below are some of the most popular companies for this:

  • Uber

  • Lyft

  • Car2Go

  • Zipcar

  • Flightcar


You can share office spaces with other business owners or freelancers, making your rent more affordable. Coworking spaces are now all over the globe.


Have you ever used eBay? If yes, then you are familiar with this industry. Here are few more:

  • Craiglist

  • Kidizen

Why we love this sharing economy

It allows us to use and experience things for a fraction of the cost

Imagine sharing a car instead of using your own. You can save hundreds of dollars for not spending on gas every day.

Imagine renting a room through AirBnb. You don’t have to spend so much for hotel rooms.

It allows us to earn

This sharing economy can actually awaken our entrepreneurial side as we can be the host, the seller, or the skill provider.

It widens our network

Apparently, we get to meet a lot of people because of this economy.

How many times have you started a conversation when you used Uber’s services? That’s what I am talking about.

It’s not just about business. It’s about the relationship we build through this economy that allows us to share the world’s resources.

And with this model, PeN was inspired to start our own micro-sharing economy. In a nutshell, our PeN Pals will be able to earn just by using our app. If you want to learn more, please read here.

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Real Problems a Millennial Encounters

Real Problems a Millennial Encounters

I had a lot of complaints with millennials, only to realize – I am one of them. So before I further backstab my generation, I tried to understand what’s really going on in their minds.

What are their struggles?

Are they really up to no good?

Or are they just misunderstood?

Real Problems a Millennial Encounters

Challenges with Other Generations:

Here are some sentiments we feel against other generations.

Nobody Takes Us Seriously 

Some millennials feel that people do not take them seriously. It’s as if we don’t have valid points when it comes to business and other #adult stuff. At times, you have to prove them wrong and they took it as being stubborn.

They Call Us Lazy 

Even if you work 2 jobs and study while you are at it, they still think you are lazy simply because you do all your work online.

Everyone is a Social Media Manager 

Just because we are good with social media doesn’t mean it is the ONLY job we can do. We can still be professionals in different fields.

Pressured to be Successful in Their 20s 

Times have changed, same as with the economy. We are the largest part of the population and you can just imagine the competition we have to go through. Perhaps, a little consideration and support wouldn’t hurt.

Challenges with Own Generation:

And of course, I am not biased. There are some things that our generation should improve. Below are some of those.

Not Talking to Your Friends in Real Life  

I was born in the late 80s and I was able to enjoy real talk with friends. If we want to meet up, we will schedule a day and host a house party. But now, everything can be done virtually. It is, of course, efficient. But where’s the fun in that, right?

Abusing Freedom of Speech 

Yes, we have that ‘freedom of speech’, but that doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt other people through our words. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Remember that.

Being Defensive Over Little Things 

We don’t have to prove ourselves all the time. Like other generations, the ones before them would always have something to say. And most of the time, it isn’t good.  It’s probably a generation gap thing. Just do what you think is best, and make sure you don’t hurt other people, millennial or not.

Some thoughts lifted from Daily Mail.


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Do you love cats? If you do – watch this video and love them even more. Sometimes, they don’t know that they are a ‘natural’!

I guarantee you that this will make your day. Can you share some of your pet videos?

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