Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

What made you heartbroken lately?

Do you remember the times when you’ve poured your heart out to something you really believed was worthwhile?

Like doing something with all your heart but still failed miserably?

Don’t beat yourself up.

There will always be tough times that will test all the faith in you.

Sometimes, it will require a level of sacrifice that you are more than willing to take.

When life throws you a curve ball, you will do and follow its course. Bend so you will not break.

What made you heartbroken lately?

Relationship? Work?

Maybe you expected too much.
Take out remorse and replace it with gratitude.

Let yourself grieve but not to the point of letting bitterness take in.

Know that you’ve done your part; and anything you’ve done were essential to the journey that is expected; a continuation of the karmic event. Something that is beyond your control.

Rise up for yourself but to never malign others. Still, make yourself whole by putting yourself last. Stand your ground. Believe in your vision.

Forgive yourself so you can move on and do better.

Moving on is not just letting go but finishing your mission and heading on to the next.

Make waiting worthwhile. Rest, meditate, transform. Leave burdening situations or people behind, anything or anyone that refuses to grow.

Be ready when your stars have aligned again. For now, do things you need to become more of yourself.

Recharge and make it whole again.

Start over and feel SUPER LOVED!

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Team USA Gymnasts Come Together to Pin Down Their Abuser

Team USA Gymnasts Come Together to Pin Down Their Abuser

Former Team USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is about to pay for his evil actions with all the young gymnasts he abused for over a long period of time.

He was given a 60-year sentence in federal prison for child pornography and sexually abusing young girls who also happen to be USA’s priced gymnasts.

Olympic champion gymnasts have come forward to let the world know the real personality Larry Nassar is-a pedophile.

More than a hundred of these brave lady gymnasts read their “Victim Impact” statements in court while the suspect, who used to be their sports doctor and therapist, listen to them as they recall their experiences with the sex-offender.

The victims, then minors as young as 6 years old, were said to be “touched” in their sensitive parts or were forced to watch Nasaar masturbating in front of them. Most of these girls suffered life-long impacts and trauma.

Here are some of the scenes from the courtroom: 

These ladies deserve more than a gold medal for their bravery. They have endured so much pain during the years that nobody believes and listened.

Ask for help using your smartphone! Click the link:

Larry Nasaar, your time is up. These girls have found courage in each other.

Watch the heartbreaking testimonies here:

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Justin Juenemann is a backup kicker at the University of Minnesota but he is now famous not because of the sport, but rather because of his act of kindness.

You can read the full article here.

Apart from being an athlete, he is a volunteer at Masonic Children’s Hospital. One of his favorite kids in the hospital showed up in front of his team to deliver an amazing message – a full scholarship for the final season. 

Juenemann really deserves all the good things in life. We hope that more people will follow his footsteps. And speaking of good deeds, we also want to kick-off a new initiative where we would plant 1 tree per 10 new downloads? Go and spread the word.

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Check out this awesome  team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia consisting of Filipino common workers! For a nation who customary sends their natives in other lands to contribute to their economy's growth, there's nothing unusual anymore when a Filipino decides to leave the country for good in exchange of a greener pasteur. Adjusting to a new life depends on every unique situation but when a dearth of homesickness kicks in, Filipinos appear to have mastered the spirit of 'Bayanihan' and knows pretty sure how to cure a 'Kabayan' longing for home.

Their group, the FILIPINO OFW SPORTS LEAGUE IN MALAYSIA or FOSLIM, has 30 active all-girl members and still growing. It all started with a vision to work in harness with other Filipinos to show a strong force of valuable individuals who are not just common workers in a foreign land, but  good and decent people who excel in camaraderie and sports. They play various team sports, volleyball and basketball at most times.

There were sad instances when employers just won't allow their workers to go outside their workplace. "Marami po'ng amo na hindi pumapayag bigyan ng day off ang kanilang mga kasambahay dahil ayaw nilang mapunta sa masamang barkada.(There are lots of employers who won't allow their employees to have a day off because they were afraid that they will just be introduced to wrong acquiantances that would lead to vices and being unprofessional)," said Maryjul, the spokesperson of the team handling their social media account. It's just an example of what these foreign workers face abroad, they are susceptible to partiality and prejudice.

Good thing their team started to make a good mark. When their employers learned about their sports team, a surge in members came in. Their employers have finally let them enjoy the company of their fellow 'Pinoys'. They just eat at picnics after a tiring game while having a good laugh. FOSLIM  is setting a good standard in terms of social acceptance. Hence, a polished track record and happier days await these workers. They have found an outlet where they can divert their attention instead of just thinking of their families back in the Philippines.


For now, this team of Filipino sports-enthusiasts just want to enjoy the company of each other while playing all sort of sports on their free time to keep them active physically and mentally while having fun. They want other Filipinos to know about them so they can join their team and be introduced into their exciting world! The Filipino hospitality has always been impressive. Keep it up!

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When you travel, I’m sure you look forward to the places you’d see, the things you’d experience, and the food you’d eat. Speaking of food, we tend to eat so much and it goes without saying, we gain a couple of pounds after our adventures, right? That’s acceptable but you should never jeopardize your health while having fun.

Aside from choosing healthier food options (even when this is so hard), you should be able to burn the calories brought by eating a lot. If you are staying in a hotel, then you can probably hit the gym. But if you are like me, trying to save cash and staying in a hostel, the next best thing is to look for a local park where you can ‘sweat it off’.

This afternoon, I found one near my hostel and boy, the park has its own jogging track. I couldn’t ask for more. And yes, I will jog again by tomorrow.

Have you tried working out in a local park oveseas?

It would be great if you use PeN to search for nearby place.

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Senator Emmnauel “Manny” Pacquiao has defied all odds. He is the ultimate life goal to most hardworking Filipinos. He started from the bottom with a noble job as a construction worker and never stopped dreaming since then, just like many Filipinos who would do everything to experience a more comfortable life. Hence, other Filipinos have sought refuge in more developed countries leaving their loved ones behind.


Fresh from his defeat with Australian boxer Jeff Horn in the Battle of Brisbane, being a celebrated champion boxer with a big heart that he is, Manny Pacquiao has proved himself enough that even if he just lost from a critical fight, he can still get praises and love from his fans and constituents. He embodies all the hard-working Filipinos, most especially OFWs, who will do everything for their families and be their country’s pride.


Senator Pacquiao has made efforts to support OFWs all over the globe.  As a public servant, he made sure that he is doing something for his fellow ‘kababayans’ away from home. Here are some of the efforts he’s done that benefits every Overseas Filipino Worker:



Senator Manny Pacquiao is pushing the Senate Bill 192 or the HANDBOOK FOR OFWs ACT OF 2016 to be passed benefitting every OFW anywhere in the world. Having this would be advantageous for them which aims to empower OFWs with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. The handbook will also tackle pre-employment briefing and seminars conducted by migrant worker agencies, information about their labor and living conditions in their country of choice. This handbook will also include the benefits as well as the drawbacks of working in a different country.

This bill will mandate the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA to have the handbook be distributed to each OFW and is planned to be printed in different translations which are English, Bisaya and Ilocano.



 2. He wants to help all the OFWs with legal cases abroad.

He’s asked all related government agencies to attend a hearing that would ensure a full government support to each OFW under legal distress. Senator Pacquiao aims to catalog all pending legal cases involving OFWs and make sure that their cases are properly addressed and duly supported.

This initiative was inspired by the case of Mary Jane Veloso who was almost sentenced to death in Indonesia.



3. He did his best to be the Chairman on OFW Affairs.

Although he didn’t succeed due to lack of experience and poor attendance in Congress, the thought of doing everything to assist the OFWs in general is something that truly warms the heart. He wanted to maximize assistance and make sure that each OFW will be taken care of in a way that equals their efforts while abroad.


Truly an inspiration, Senator Manny Pacquiao levels up the true essence of being a Filipino Pride! Congratulations, you will always be the people’s champ!






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BPO Olympics 2017 Prize Giveaway!

We are excited to announce the exciting prizes for all BPO Olympics and Fitness Caravan participants!

Because we felt your team spirit, hardwork and sportsmanship…

We thought we give you something in return!

We will be giving exciting prizes throughout the BPO Olympics and Fitness Program Caravan.

Prizes are as follows:

Spalding Basketballs and Mikasa Volleyballs will be raffled during the BPO Olympics Championship games.

Oppo Smartphone, Stationary Bike and Sony Playstation 4 Slim 1TB on December 8, 2017, after the BPO Fitness Program Caravan.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Download the app on Android or iOS. (You may also search Playstore or App Store by typing ‘PeN Chat’ or simply clicking the DOWNLOAD tab on our website main menu)
  2. Register your mobile number.
  3. Join the BPO Fitness Program Community
  4. Get interactive by joining polls, liking posts, sharing comments or uploading selfies on your timeline with hashtag #BPOOlympics2017 or #BPOFitnessCaravan. Be as interactive as you can be so we can easily notice you!
  5. You may also join the following Communities of other BPO Participating companies to have more chances of winning.

Other Communities you can search and join:

Intelenet Global Services
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The Results Company
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Telus International Philippines
Data Centric Philippines

They key to winning is to interact and use the app as often as you can!

To see more details of how to join a community, click here.

Easy, right?

We are excited whose gonna take home these prizes!


Need more info? Message us on Facebook, DM us on Instagram, or email us at




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Golden State Warriors wins 2017 NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors wins 2017 NBA Championship


The battle is over between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers today.  Warriors leading with 3-1, ended the game with a 9-point lead against the Cavaliers.

The Warriors has been dubbed a “super team” with the addition of ex-Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant.  As expected, Steph Curry brought his A-game and scored 34 points.

 Kevin Durant | by Keith Allison Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was named MVP of the year after scoring 39 points with seven rebounds and five assists during the last game.

Which team did you root for this NBA finals?


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Why bikers love this tiny chapel in Italy

Why bikers love this tiny chapel in Italy

Why bikers love this tiny chapel in Italy

Photo credit: Pixabay

According to CNN, there is this chapel in Italy that serves as a shrine that commemorates the cycling sport’s history and pays tribute to its fallen riders. Instead of the usual saints and statues seen on the walls of a church, Madonna del Ghisallo Chapel has bikes everywhere, that it looks a bit like an old bike shop.

The Madonna del Ghisallo Chapel in Italy (Photo credit: Ben Atkins)

Legend has it that during the medieval times, a local count was saved from bandits when he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, and running towards this vision saved him – and Madonna del Ghisallo became the Patron Saint of Travellers. In 1949, Pope Pius XII gave her the title Patron Saint of Cyclists.

Indeed this Chapel is worthy of a visit especially if you are a cycling enthusiast because it is a famous climb used every year in the Tour of Lombardy and sometimes in the Giro d’Italia itself.

If you’re planning  to join the tour here, why not take PeN Chat as your travel buddy? You can call and text friends for free or send SOS message in case of emergency. You can also use its PeN Places feature, among many others to check out nearby places to visit! Available for download in iOS and Android. Please visit our website for more info.

For the full article, please click here.

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