PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

Hello PeN Pals,

Amazing news!

Did you know that we are included in the The Global 20 Future Creators of 2017

Thanks to our dedicated team and of course, you – our PeN Pal.

It is safe to say that we are going nowhere – BUT UP!

This recognition means that our app has passed a high standard to be at par with equally amazing startups around the globe.

We are of course, grateful for this, but this is just the start. We aim to be better year after year.

Our team cannot do it alone, we need your help.

Let’s aim for recognition and hit our app’s mission.


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You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

To you whoever is reading this:

You are worthy.

You are a beautiful soul.

Take charge of your life, stand up for yourself (and for your kids).

If you have endured so much pain; accepted how life turned out for you; reading this message of hope means there is still a light waiting for you.

Love should not be abusive; should not hurt.

Silence should mean peace – not hide violence.

Show the world the scars they can’t see.

Revive your self-esteem.

Fight for what has been lost.

Let yourself be heard.

You can start now.

There’s a gift for you here. We know you can figure it out:

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The Choice Between Centralized and Decentralized Digital Currency

The Choice Between Centralized and Decentralized Digital Currency

Yesterday, there was arumor that Telegram will launch an ICO to fund their version of a cryptocurrency to be used inside the app and will launch the service in 2019. It is an attempt by Telegram of course to finally monetize their services and users, considering that Telegram today have no monetization possibilities.
It won’t be the first messaging app with its own digital currency, PeN for example already uses its own digital currency, PeNNeY, where users can transact and transfer PeNNeY to one another or use it for services that cost money and to shop. T
The rumor is to create a next-generation cryptocurrency that performs better than existing blockchain technology. With various implementation of digital currencies, the question is which is the right way?
Is it for centralized digital currency or decentralized cryptocurrency or a combination of both?

The main differences are as follows

1. Structure: In a centralized digital currency, there is an authority that regulates transaction, following set rules and parameters. In a decentralized cryptocurrency, there is no authority and no regulations, transactions are primarily between users without regulations or rules. An example of regulations for centralized digital currency is EU directive 2009/100 
2. Anonymity. In centralized digital currencies, all users are registered in the system or at least known depending on the system requirements. In a decentralized cryptocurrency, there is no need to identify the user.  However, all information about the transactions are logged into the chain of transactions
3. Transparency. In a centralised system, the users see his own transactions. In a decentralized blockchain type of technology, the user sees all transaction relating to that chain and of that user.
4. Control and manipulation. In a centralized system, there are sets of rules and regulations to be followed and a regulator that oversees those rules and regulation. In a decentralized system, there are no rules, no regulations other than what is set by the community pursuing the decentralized cryptocurrency.
5. Legal protection. Centralized digital currencies are governed legally by a known set of rules and regulations while decentralized cryptocurrencies have no such framework. An example of legal framework for centralized digital currency is EU directive 2009/100
6. Responsibility. In a centralized system, there are administrators responsible to ensure correctness of each transaction. While on a decentralized cryptocurrency, there is no one responsible for the transactions other than the users who have executed such transactions.
7. Confidentiality. In a centralized digital currency, the transactions are regulated.  Hence information about such transactions becomes available to regulators including information of the user who executed such transactions. In a decentralized cryptocurrency, the transaction is available in the chain of information but there is no information about the user.
The choice whether to use a centralized digital currency or a decentralized cryptocurrency is then down to the purpose and for some based on principle (the absence of a governing body). Is it possible to benefit from a combination of both? Yes, it is, one good example is PeNNeY where user information is limited to what the user has provided upon registration while all the transaction information is included in the transaction chain. Furthermore, PeNNeY functions as a utility like a normal currency which can be used to purchase services and products and exchange with other users.
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A Reliable Service Online and Offline

A Reliable Service Online and Offline

Recently the UAE has blocked Skype services in the country. This somehow is in chorus with various online communication services being blocked in the Middle East and North Africa. The main issue is there regulatory framework in this countries about which is allowed and which is not. Having communications services blocked leaves users feeling helpless and scrambling to find communications services that works. This is where PeN comes in, when nothing else works you can still rely on PeN to connect you to your friends and love ones both online and offline.
With multiple innovations to route voice and messaging traffic on communications channels that is allowed in country communications between PeN users and even to non-PeN users will always work. Being a PeN user the confidence that messages and calls will always be delivered even when you are offline. Considering that more than 50% of the world do not yet have stable and fast internet connectivity this capability is powering PeN’s growth in various parts of the world. With the need to communicate daily, especially to friends and love ones, PeN Pals are actively using the app daily.
Apart from communications (voice and messaging) other services are also available even when users are offline including social (posts), emergency and  location (if needed). By ensuring that PeN services are available in all countries both offline and online, PeN is evolving the way we interact. As connectivity improves in various countries, PeN  will continue to be the reliable partner in delivering communication, social, emergency, health and safety services both online and offline.
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SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

During this time of the year,  a lot of us would usually jot down our “New Year’s Resolutions” list.

The list would often consist of promises leaving every bad habits to the previous year behind making space for more promising opportunities for the coming year.

But does the list meet your life’s reality? Oftentimes, it does not!

Rather than dwelling on things you cannot really change on yourself, why not find a more realistic approach- like looking for ways to make your daily life a lot easier to deal with?

Thank goodness for technology that it has gone so advanced it could make a daunting day so easy!

The rise of super apps could lead to more potentials bringing in more benefits to everyone.

SUPERAPPS are all-in-one applications that makes the most of your time and pleasure!

Here are the benefits you can get from opting on one rather than other dissected and individual applications:

  1. SAVES ON SPACE. Super apps consist of an array of  applications that are usually downloaded individually. With the rise of super apps, the usual 10 apps download would all be present in one app -that is in the super app. Eating up user’s smartphone memory space is now a thing of the past!
  2.  MAKES YOU MONEY. You read it right! There are certain super apps that lets you earn real cash. So don’t lose this chance to utilize these super app’s superb benefits!
  3. LETS YOU CONNECT TO OTHER LIKE-MINDED PERSONS. To set the record straight, superapps are not boring! Users can also enjoy social interaction with their posts, photos and other fun activities!
  4. CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE. There are built-in features that anticipates its user’s personal needs like health and emergency situations. There are certain features that lets you warn other people whilst viral outbreaks or hopeless situations occur.
  5. GIVES YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR TIME. Superapps can work on its own and it is easy to maintain! Since it has an all-in-one use, you can say that it is sustainable in terms of giving its users their daily usage needs. Calls, SMS, Video Calls, Maps and Bots are all present!
  6.  FREE. Users can explore how they can make free calls and SMS to local carriers anywhere in the world!

Having known this new concept certainly brings in more productivity. Hence, a brighter 2018 awaits everyone!

Gear up with super apps this year!

Download the Playstore version here:


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Best Android Apps to Kick Start your 2018

Best Android Apps to Kick Start your 2018

Are you thinking of what apps to download that will make your 2018 even better (or more efficient) for that matter?

Here are some of our recommendations:

Android Apps to use for 2018

I’m actually thinking of 3 categories. These can be found below. Personally, I filter my apps based on what I strongly use regularly. (To save on space)

  • Planner/ Organizer 

Evernote – I love this app because you can even collaborate projects with your colleagues. Send them your files, tasks, and notes!

Color Note – If you want to have your virtual ‘post – its’, then this could be the solution.

Business Calendar 2 – This is a powerful tool and very easy to use. You have your calendar, weather updates and of course, your TO DO list.

  • Financial Tracker 

Wallet –  This is a simple money tracking and budgeting app that promises to improve your finances.

Money Manager Expense & Budget – You can easily view your expenses and your financial behavior using this awesome app.

Spending Tracker –  A simple tool that anyone can use. This is recommended if you want a straight report on how you spend.

  • Health 

Ada – You can initially assess your health anywhere, anytime.

iCare Health Monitor – You can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and even vision just by using this app.

Your MD – Check the symptoms and see if you need to be alarmed.

But you know what – you can actually save MORE space on your phone by downloading just 1 app that can do so many things. 

I’m talking about our own app (of course), PeN!

We made PeN in such a way that you don’t have to download different apps. This makes life easier and yes – more efficient. Let’s not forget its social media function. It’s everything you need and more.

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Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Shower everyone with love by sending them PeNNey credits via PeN!

We all know that PeN super app is loaded with new exciting features and one of these makes sharing “virtual cash” a lot easier!

PeN users can now benefit from this new feature since these earned credits are convertible to real cash value via Amazon gift card.

Sending money through PeNNeygram is easier than sending cash in remittance centers or banks.  So if you want to send some love to someone abroad or a PeN Pal,  PeNNeygram is the perfect way to do it!

Shop online using PeN’s PeNNey credits!

Send love to your friends now!

Check out this link to know how you can utilize PeN to buy gifts online!


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The Future of Digital Currency

The Future of Digital Currency

In the past weeks we have seen the rise and rise of bitcoin, and all the major cryptocurrency (bitcoin litecoin, ethereum) are in their highest or near their highest trading value. However with such a very high value it seems cryptocurrencies has lost their utility as a currency, especially when you can’t use it as a real-world money.  There are a few basic problems in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin being used as cash, for example: 

1. Transaction speed.

Bitcoin can only process 7 transactions per second, globally. just imagine if people starts using bitcoin to pay for real- world products and services have to to wait for hours, if not days for their transaction to complete.

2. Value risk.

Other than bitcoin being a very volatile currency, albeit a very highly valued one, for the transaction to be processed in front of the backlog it will need to have some kind of miners or transaction fee. This means that after the transaction is completed, the amount of bitcoin you will have is either lower or higher in value depending on when it was processed.

3. Cost of bitcoin creation.

There was a time when the cost to create 1 bitcoin is higher than the bitcoin value – this is no longer true. However it remains true that every bitcoin produce everyday requires the same amount of energy that powers the whole of Denmark.

Our Own Digital Currency

We have a digital currency in PeN, the PeNNeY. Although we value the security around PeNNeY, we never treated it as a crypto-currency since it is not based on blockchain or bitcoin or ethereum technologies. The basic premise of PeNNeY is that it should be as useful as any paper money where you can use as easy as you would use cash or card, at the same time it have identifiable security to ensure it is real, same way you treat a real-world money.

Where it differs with a real-word currency is in its creation. PeNNeY is created when a new user sign-up to PeN, when a user purchase PeNNeY credits in app, and when users mine PeNNeY using various ways of earning PeNNeY.

Each created PeNNeY is unique and once used out of circulation, you can say PeNNeY is a single use digital currency. Using PeNNeY means spending it outside the app, for example making phone calls to any phone number that is not a PeN user, or using PeNNeY to shop such as exchanging it with a shopping gift card with your favourite shopping portal. However you can transact or exchange PeNNeY within the app eco-system without spending it, for example when you transfer PeNNeY to another user.

In the world of digital currencies, which of these technologies will actually be as simple as cash?

Will it be blockchain?

Or will it be single use currency such as PeNNeY?

Or will it be something else?

Having founded PeN and created the ideas behind PeNNeY, I am a bit bias to say that PeNNeY is the way to go in the future and here’s why I think PeNNeY can possibly be in the future of digital currencies:

1. You earn PeNNeY, much like the way you earn real-world money. Its value is based on tangible things you consume in PeN
2. PeNNeY is currently peg to a real world currency value the USD, it might change in the future like any real-world currency once it starts to be publicly traded.
3. You can use PeNNeY for real-world purchase of products and services.
4. You can exchange PeNNeY with any PeN user, much like you exchange cash
5. Transacting PeNNeY is fast, very fast much like you transact in cash.

The future of course, is uncertain but let me look at my crystal ball once more and see that lies ahead, perhaps a gift of foresight is what I see.

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We Love Multi-Function Products, Guide for Travellers

We Love Multi-Function Products, Guide for Travellers

I love to travel and I hate carrying a lot of things! That’s why I am always on the lookout for items which have multi-function. Today, I was doing a bit of browsing and saw this post with all the Multi-Function Items You Should Never Travel Without. The post is more than 7 years old, but is still very useful. So, which ones do you need to pack?


I don’t have to explain further how SMART these smartphones are, right? Of course, you can send messages and make calls. You can use it as your clock, your notepad, your movie player and even your reliable map. Just make sure it’s fully charged. Which reminds me of the next thing you have to bring with you whenever you are travelling.

Speaking of smartphone, download an app that lets you do so many things like PeN. 

Universal Charger 

A friend of mine forgot her laptop charger when we travelled to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Good thing I had my universal laptop charger. Otherwise, she would be missing hundreds of emails.

Credit Card Survival Tool

Such tool has a knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, can opener, 4 position wrench, and saw blade. Now, who’s ready for camping?


Because there are areas where you can’t access clean water to wash your hands! The next best thing is to clean it with wipes.

Spare travel wallet

It’s a wallet (only bigger than the conventional ones) where you can put copies of your travel documents, spare cash, and other cards. Make sure to keep it in a very secure place – like the back of your backpack, or a secret compartment of your luggage.

Rubber bands

You can tie your hair, organize your things, or secure your eyeglasses with your trusty rubber bands.

Zip-lock bags

Keep your leftovers or maybe soiled clothes in Zip-lock bags. At least it won’t stink!

Duct Tape

Because this can solve EVERY DAMN THING!

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What to Do When Your Credit Card/ Debit Card Got Hacked? – Holiday Crimes

What to Do When Your Credit Card/ Debit Card Got Hacked? – Holiday Crimes

Just the other day, a good friend of mine sent me a message because well – their debit card was hacked! Darn it. I know this crime happens all year round, but the number of cases catapults during the holiday season. Maybe, it’s a high time for us to give you our recommendations on what to do in such scenarios – or general tips on how you can avoid it.

I just read this now. “Avoid using your debit card ever!” Well, this makes sense. You might as well pay in cash if you have it already. My friend used their debit card and when they backtracked what happened, they remembered that the person from the cashier pretended to drop their card – straight to the drawer. Possibly, that’s when the card details were stolen using a device.

Next time, always keep your eye when your card is about to get swiped. Make sure you can see it. If they are doing it in a place where you can’t have access or at least monitor it, be very cautious! If you can request them to do the transaction where you can check everything – so be it. It is your right!

Change your password frequently! I suggest that you schedule your password change. Do it as frequently as possible and keep a secured file where you can access it (you know, in case you forgot the new one).

Make it a habit to check online. Always check your transactions by creating an online account. My friend was able to trace back transactions which they did not do just by logging into their online account. This shall speed up the investigation.

Link it to your email or your mobile number. Or, if you do not have an immediate access to your internet you can always link it to your mobile phone. Every transaction made will be sent to your number and once you are notified by something erroneous, you can easily block the card.

Buy an RFID- proof case. Criminals can have a more advanced technology to scan your cards. You might want to double up your security by buying an RFID-proof case.

And if for some reason it still happens to you, CALL THE BANK IMMEDIATELY and BLOCK YOUR CARD. Subsequently, change all your passwords may it be your email, social media accounts etc. Who knows if the culprit is already stealing your entire identity.

I am not here to scare you. But I want you to be always safe. Sad to say, there are people who would do such crimes and what you need is to be proactive. Do not let them win. Share these tips with your families and friends.


At PeN, we value safety and security. All your personal information will be kept as confidential. Download this amazing social messaging app NOW!


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