REALITY CHECK: Are You Ready To Work Overseas?

The thought of living in a different country gives most people utmost excitement. Imagine living your life in an entirely different way like witnessing a completely new culture, practicing new traditions, meeting new people and a chance to live your life in a new perspective.

That feeling where every thing is new just gives a different kind of hype and optimism. There is also that feeling of liberation because nobody knows you in your new neighborhood. Sounds really fun, right? But what happens when the honeymoon period is over? When the new feeling starts to become customary again? What used to be exciting has turned to be the new normal? Well, then welcome to the reality of living abroad.


Most foreign workers have dealt with this reality. Most of them had to go through the ups and downs, the reality of living alone. Homesickness is one of the most common and usually the first tide to test them.


The reality of living alone  far from their usual set of support system knocks some of them down  sometimes. “It is important to build your new support system as soon as arriving to your new location” said Wally from Canada. He knew how blessed he was for having a good job but can’t help and feel lonely at the same time being away from his wife and kids. Needing for an outlet for his homesickness, he turned to late night parties where he would get  drunk most of the time. He realized the harm he was doing to himself so he stopped immediately. With the help of his new found friends, he turned to fitness and goes regularly to the gym instead. He also sees to it to have an open communication to his family and a strong faith in his religion. Faith and devotion made him thankful for everything he has.


Foreign workers, especially the breadwinners, often deals with financial problems too. Yes, not everyone are blessed with excess. They sometimes come short with their expenses. Taxes and necessities abroad are high. Even though they earn a lot, they just spend it with their basic needs not to mention the amount they still need to send to their families back home. It is important to know how to properly manage their expenses. “The items here are really different. They’re top of the line but they’re expensive as well.” according to Mylene, a nurse from London. She just waits for store sales and promos if she wants to splurge on anything.


More problems foreign workers deal with the most are racism and  job strikes. It is important to stay strong and positive. It’s either use they’ll use these opportunities to make their lives easier or make it harder by lacking professionalism, a bad attitude, excessive spending and unnecessary vices.  Living in a different country can either be a blessing or a curse, it just depends on how they will use and deal with it. Attitude is everything when you’re in  this kind of journey.


Posted by Clarisse Javier

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