Global Expat Feature: Her Life In A Nutshell

She thought she was dying. For a while, her world stopped. How can it possibly happen to her when she knew in her heart she has never done anything to deserve a lump on her chest. A lump that could compromise everything in her life. Could it be The Big C? She hopes not.

Donna Yasmin has an established career in Kuwait. She is a full-blooded Filipina working for Gulf Lead, a leading consultancy firm, that provides training in safety and quality for professionals. She is good in what she does, something that her employer knows. She is reliable and trustworthy, a real asset and role model.

Not-so-smooth Transition

She almost gave up. Yayie, as her friends and family call her, almost took a flight back home. The cultural differences between Kuwait and the Philippines were quite hard to fathom. First time being away, adjustment took a toll on her that made her feel like succumbing to homesickness. But, you cannot put a good person down. Her work ethics put her on top of her game. She exerted all her time and effort to ace her job, making her focus only on the important things.

Her successful career is something that she takes pride of. It took her some time to hit it big and live a comfortable life. Yayie took her chance while she was still young. Like a typical Filipino story, Yayie did everything to provide a good life for her family. She supported them with all her heart and made them her utmost priority. She, together with her husband, were blessed with two beautiful daughters. For her, they were enough to keep her going no matter how hard life turns out.


Infinite Problems, Turning Point and Fervent Prayers


At some point, Yayie thought her faith was being tested when problems arise one after another. Finances were short due to a growing family hence their expenses shot up as well.  Her extended family back home, with a number of shortcomings, needed her more than ever. An arising conflict in Kuwait brought her threats of joblessness. On top of it all, she learnt about a giant lump on her chest. Could that, be it? Was her time over? Was it time to give up? Not for Yayie, her situation was hard, she thought. But she refused to be defeated. Instead, she prayed fervently. She hoped favorably and appreciated life even more.  She let go of the negativities and decided to dance in the rain she was in.


The Good Life

Had she not fought hard on her trials, Yayie must not have been reaping her fruits of labor. Today, she is sowing the seeds she has planted. She recently made major real estate investments in the Philippines and planning to make some more, with a business franchise this time. Her extended family back home has also adapted to a much comfortable livelihood. She recently finished her Master’s Degree in Psychology in Kuwait and planning to continue to Law School. Most importantly, she is now threat-free from Cancer since the lump found on her were benign.  Perhaps, Donna Yasmin Hayag- Kalugdan is a person to look up to. She is wise and knows how to keep her feet on the ground. “Working abroad is never easy. Save up and spend your earnings wisely.”, she said.   Truly deserving to be where she is now, Yayie succeeded without losing her golden heart.


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