Can You Look this Good at 70? No Need to Get Under a Knife

You have to believe that having a healthy lifestyle can make you LOOK GOOD! Eat these oranges, will you?

Carolyn Hartz is one hot grandma! At 70, she can still turn heads. Here’s what she says to those who would like to follow her footsteps.

  1. Watch what you put in your mouth
  2. Get those legs moving

Pretty simple right? However, most of us are living in a fast – moving world that we forget to take care of our health. We eat junk and we don’t even exercise; spending most of our days in front of TVs and computers.

From MSN article / © Provided by Indy 100

Hartz wasn’t a healthy eater when she was younger. She changed her lifestyle when she was already 40 years old and was diagnosed as pre – diabetic. At that point, she bade goodbye to sweets and started her own business; distributing an alternative to sugar, Xylitol.

Look at how far she’s gone. She’s rockin’ and her business is thriving too!

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