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Reel Stories

First: $500 + Amazon Giftcard

Second: $300

Third: $200


FIRST TO 1Million likes both on Facebook and PeN: $500

FIRST TO 1Million Views both on YouTube and PeN: $500

FIRST TO REACH 100k shares on Facebook: $500

Make sure to ask your viewers to download the app and like it there to achieve that 1Million likes in a heartbeat! 

Contest is open to all globally

Contest Duration: December 15, 2017 – February 15, 2017



  1. The video should run for a maximum of 3 minutes but not less than 60 seconds
  2. Entries should ALL be original. It should not have been submitted to any other video contest or any kind. PeN has the right to disqualify an entry should there be any evidence of plagiarism).
  3. Post your video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or PeN but be sure to tag or notify us!
  4. We will inform you of the additional details once your video is discovered.
  5. The video should be in mp4 format.
  6. Video resolution should be at least 720p (1280×720), 25 frame rate.
  7. (OPTIONAL) Entries can include the official PeN template at the end of the video. Download it here.
  8. Entries must feature two or more PeN features at some point in the video. This does not limit the actual app being on the video; it can be how the feature is being used; characters using the app and its benefit. OR BASICALLY AS LONG AS YOU MENTION THE APP! Yay! Participants can be as creative as they can be on interpreting the features as long as it shows its true purpose
  9. Music used for the video must either be original or properly cited.
  10. Videos should not contain any offensive or inappropriate language and/or content.


  1. Qualified videos will be judged according to the following criteria:
    1. Number of PeN Likes – 30%
    2. Number of YouTube Views and Likes – 30%
    3. Creativity and Originality – 20%
    4. Relevance to the theme – 10%
    5. Overall Appeal- 10%
  2. All qualified videos will be uploaded to PeN’s YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and Community for public viewing.

General Conditions

  1. The contest is open to all individuals globally.
  2. PeN has the right to use the videos submitted for marketing and other purposes.

Prizes and Winner Notification

  1. Winners will be notified via PeN, email and SMS.
  2. PeN has the right to forfeit the prize if unclaimed within two months (60 days) after the announcement of winners.
  3. Winners are required to submit the following waivers:
    1. Quick Claim and Release Waiver
    2. Quick Claim Waiver



Ian Vernon

He is the guy behind the app that is revolutionizing customer experiences in mobile device. CEO and founder of PeN, Ian considers himself as a student of life and constantly learning through his travels and work experiences.

Sam Niemi

An innovator and entrepreneur who loves technology and the magic it enables is from Spintop Ventures, a venture capital firm. As an entrepreneur, he believes there is no such thing as good luck in long term success, it’s all about active creation of opportunities, understanding and consistent long term execution toward your vision.

Please nominate 2-4 more judges and add brief background

Finn Persson

Another veteran in the technology industry, Finn from Spintop Ventures, is humbly proud serving companies who thrived on the incredible changes and successfully grew their business into industry leadership positions that they still retain.

Abbey Alidoosti

Abbey Alidoosti is the CEO of the Advance Wireless Technology Group (AWTG Ltd), and a founding director of the company. With over 20 years of experience as a senior executive in IT and wireless technology, he is also an adviser and board of member in many international countries in the U.K., ME, U.S.A. and Africa.

Charisma Quebral

Supporting the app’s growth since its birth, Charisma Quebral is one of the pioneer people behind PeN via sketching and doodling designs, flows and market plans.


Celebrity Judges


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