How My Parents Knew What I Wanted For My Birthday

I don’t usually tell my parents what I want for my birthday. You can say, I am your stereotyped teen where I spend most of my free time online. But this doesn’t mean I don’t care about the society. Quite the contrary, I love using the social media to come up with charitable events – I thought my parents have no clue.

For my 17th birthday, I want to organize a simple event at a local Retirement Home, but since I was running out of budget, I wasn’t sure if it was going to materialize. Little did I know that my parents were stalking my PeN feed where they saw my posts about this plan.

On my birthday, they told me they would take me shopping. They did.

But that’s not all.

After our visit to the mall, we went to the Retirement House where they surprised me with a simple party. I cried because of joy. ☺


Thanks PeN!


Elsie, 17