Say It While You Can

Today, I’m at my grandmother’s wake.

Say It While You Can

Yes, it is a sad news for the family. But at some point, it’s also a relief to know that our grandmother will not suffer from her illness anymore.

You see, my aunts and uncles live in different parts of the world. Some are here in the Philippines. Others are in Europe and one is from the US. But even if they are miles away from each other, it seems that their bond is stronger than ever.

I believe technology plays a huge role on their relationship. I often hear them say, ‘I love you’!

With the existence of cellphones, video calls and of course, internet, families who live apart are still updated.

Can you just imagine delivering a bad news via snail mail?

Without technology, they won’t be able to know the news and possibly won’t be able to fly back home.

Without video calls, they would only rely on photos to see my grandmother.

Even if there are a lot of negative news and impacts of internet and social media, most especially to kids nowadays, I still believe that its main purpose is to improve our lives, and to make people closer – even if they are on different poles of the planet.

PeN might be a simple app for some, but for our family, it became our tool for strengthening our ties.

Almen, 30, Philippines