One of Zambia’s largest cities suffer from rising cases of Cholera.

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Since the 6th of October 2017, cholera cases in Lusaka, Zambia have increased to 1045 affecting locals of the city according to Ministry of Health Head of Communications and External Relations Stanlous Ngosa.

The public is urged to be keen on initial symptoms. Once diarrhea and vomiting are observed, immediate medical care should be sought according to officials; not accessing treatments usually result to higher death rate.

Also, proper hygiene should be immensely observed.

The reality in such places is that communities takes dump in public places and drinks water from shallow wells.

The use of toilet when attending the call of nature is highly recommended to avoid further spread of bacterial contamination; only drink potable water by adding chlorine or boiling it.


The Ministry of Finance has already released a K34 million budget to attend the needs of the affected citizens.

“Funds are being utilised to improve the availability of clean and safe water, improving sanitation including solid waste management, health promotion and education, supporting and enforcement of the public Health Act,” according to an interview by The Lusaka Times.

Community intervention has also been evident to make the efforts more effective. More health and environmental workers are hired to intensify awareness on the current outbreak.




Posted by Clarisse Javier