Are you planning to do a general household cleaning soon? Hold on, do not throw away your loose pieces of junk!

You might want to take a peek on these creations by a famed designer in Manila, Russell Von Tero Villafuerte, that started his ‘abuBOT’ Junkart key-chain line. The best part is they’re 100% made from recycled materials.

Russell Von just finished designing his newly-built condominium unit located in an upscale neighborhood when he saw the little pieces of thrash that are about to be thrown away.

An Interior Designer by profession, he thought there’s someing more he could do with those loose pieces. He collated junk pieces of loose screw, broken jewelry, hose connectors and wooden doors that created his masterpieces.

He proudly calls his masterpieces some sort of ‘abuBOT’ junkart.

Collecting these unique materials won’t seem to be a hindrance for Russell Von since he is a self-confessed hoarder. He enjoys what he does and it shows in his creations.

Russell Von said his creations are hard to duplicate since every piece is not only made from scratch but the materials are made from unexpected pieces, he’ll never know what kind he’ll find next.

Take a peek into his collection with a variety of tiny artisan robots with a detailed name for each.

Meet the cutest pieces from Russell Von’s ‘abuBOT’ junkarts!

‘Mr. Prance abuBOT ‘ can you tell this piece is made up of a round wooden cabinet door handle, stainless steel hose connector and a broken USB cable charger?


Can you guess what recycled materials ‘The Emperor abuBOT’ came from? I spy gems too!

The ‘Emohawk’ is obviously sporting a mohawk where he derived his name from. Is that a teardrop, my dear? Oh, a teardrop made up of a loose gem. How fancy!

Another  ‘Emperor abuBOT’ is deserving of his blings.

Every ‘abuBOT’ junkart comes with this intrinsic packaging. Don’t you just love it?!

‘Rambo abuBOT”s head is made from round wooden cabinet door handles and the main body is from a stainless steel tube pipe connector.

This special ‘Jem Hung abuBOT’ is made from a round wooden cabinet door handle, main body is from a stainless steel tube connector,and AV TV Cable jacks for its hands and feet! Perfectly paired with a Mini Cooper key!

‘Mr. Kleft’ abuBOT , just hang in there! 😉 Every piece can be bought for 650 php or 817 rupees.



Who would have thought that these unconventional materials can create such wonderful pieces?

Recycling has never been so fun and this intiative by Russell Von is the coolest one so far!

Hats off to you, Russell Von. You are a genius!

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Posted by Clarisse Javier