ATTENTION: Anthrax Virus Suspiciously Spreading in Thailand Through Animal Meat

Heading to Thailand?

A slaughtered goat was believed to have carried Bacillus anthracis that has already infected a villager in Northwestern Thailand, according to the Public Health Ministry Undersecretary Chetseda Chokdamrongsuk.

Anthrax is a bacterial disease that typically affects the skin and lungs of sheep, goats, cattles and the likes. Transmission to human is possible causing severe ulceration or severe pneumonia in the form of wool-sorter’s disease.

Another villager was suspectedly infected after the goat was slaughtered. The goat was allegedly smuggled from inside Myanmar according to a source. Both cases were villagers of Mae Sot District.


Meanwhile, a previous case of slaughtering smuggled sick goats from Myanmar indicates a serious case of caprine outbreak in Myawaddy, Myanmar. This incident could possibly be a clear linkage of what is currently happening in Thailand.

Source: Xinhua

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