Dengvaxia Watch: ‘PeN’ Smartphone App Offers Monitoring Tool for Affected Families

A mobile tool for monitoring patients affected by the fiasco-hit ‘Dengvaxia’ vaccine  is now available for free.

Anxious parents of almost a million children who had the ‘Dengvaxia’ vaccine administered can download the smartphone application anytime on Google Play Store.

While parents still await for directives from the Philippine government, monitoring Dengue outbreak in their communities and locating fellow ‘Dengavaxia’-administered patients could be the next sensible thing to do.

They were left hanging for answers regarding their children’s welfare. Since the controversy prompted a world wide attention, no one has stepped up for for being liable despite the issues of possible corruption that is yet to be cleared from higher officials of the government’s health ministry.

Meanwhile,a useful feature from PeN super app denotes hope that they can beat Dengue virus alongside other ‘Dengue Prevention Kit’ such as the Dengue Test Kit and Dengue defense lotions.

By simply monitoring the whereabouts of the virus could provide an advantage to these children who became more susceptible to the effects of Dengvaxia vaccine.

Here’s how the smartphone could alleviate the current situation of any ‘Dengvaxia’-injected patient:

A screenshot of Dengue reports from India, Bangladesh and Nepal where Dengue is also prevalent.


Step 1:Download the app on this link.

Disclaimer: PeN is only available on Google Playstore. 

Step 2: Click ‘PULSE’ or the yellow icon with a heart on it.

Use the Pulse Virus Tracker to monitor diseases in nearby communities!
Donwload the app at


Step 3: Click the Add (+) button and choose ‘Dengue’ or  ‘Dengvaxia monitoring’ to ease your worries.

Step 4: Put necessary details in ‘Report’, ‘Location’ (can be activated in your phone’s Location settings), and ‘Heat Level’ according to the number of patients  per address.

Step 5: Finalize report and  monitor other cases in your community for updates with other patients.

The advantages of Disease Monitoring according to World Health Organization are seemingly important to the the ‘Dengvaxia’ recipients.

Surveillance is important in helping countries monitor and evaluate emerging patterns and trends of disease. Surveillance is crucial because it contributes to better prevention and management of diseases.- WHO

Since the vaccine have provided a life-long side-effect most especially to those children who haven’t been infected with Dengue yet, disease monitoring can help prevent a much worse scenario like death and complications.

By doing so, the disease can be controlled by closely monitoring the cases in one’s community.

PeN wishes only the best outcome  for every affected family. They can utilize the application including the free emergency calls that will send them directly to the national emergency hotline.

Posted by Clarisse Javier