While the Philippines, being a top exporter of labor all over the globe, doesn’t have a concrete policy  to care for Filipino migrant workers yet, a group of courageous overseas workers themselves commenced a movement that aims to support every OFW.

Centro Filipino for Returning Migrants or CF4RM, is a religious organization that binds OFWs with their vow to establish a platform of services that would provide holistic assistance to anyone in their community.


With a common misconception that everyone who works abroad can automatically secure a bright future, CF4RM backs up migrants especially when things don’t go as planned.


While it is true that there is no place like home, reality will always chase this 21st century situation where migration is inevitable. More families are gapped by thousands of miles, more individuals needed to face foreign lands, new culture and new people to adapt to, whether they like it or not.



There are lots of overseas laborers who are still stuck in loans, sudden joblessness, grave sicknesses, and even internal problems with their families.


Being far away in a foreign land sometimes disconnect them to their home land, another truth a foreign worker will need to face especially when their work abroad is over. After long working years abroad, the sudden change in atmosphere and workload somehow brings out a feeling of bizarreness. Going home to the Philippines often make some of them feel lost. What previously defines them no longer applies to their present status. Hence, a transitory phase is called for to make their reintegration with their families a lot easier.


Posing with friends and members with their unfinished multi-purpose function hall behind them.


     While visiting an ailing member.


A group photo during a meeting in the Philippine Embassy.


Good thing, CF4RM is a common ground for them to start anew.


In less than 5 years, CF4RM has already managed to put up their own cooperative, the BAGIMPCO or Balik-Ginhawa Multi-purpose Cooperative. It offers livelihood programs and loans to their members, providing alternative options to most of them. These livelihood programs do not only benefit their financial necessities but also gives them a sense of hope, boosting their morals, alleviating everyone’s self-worth through their community formation.


                              Pineapple Jam, made from the heart. One of the products of BAGIMPCO.

Being true to their nature as modern heroes, CF4RM wishes to reach out to more Filipino foreign workers and their families as well. More than just economical reasons, they wish to retain the beautiful Filipino traditions and values to every OFW family, especially the youngsters,  who are subjected to liberalism and modernity.


By keeping everyone grounded through deepened faith and culturally connected actions, CF4RM not only creates a common idealism of goodness and conducive alliance. CF4RM brings out a nature of appreciation to one’s journey and existence, no matter who they are or where they came from. Belonging rightfully to a community of modern heroes, that is Centro Filipino.

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