GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Ms. Molera’s Work of Art

How do you find comfort when things don’t go your way?

Most OFW’s  children embrace life abroad imperatively during such time they need to move in and follow wherever their parents are . They will never understand why they need to leave their friends behind nor switch schools and start all over again.


It may somehow feel like a hopeless situation at first until the child gets used to the new environment; find a niche of their own. 
Alyana Molera felt the same way.

She left the Philippines at an age when friends felt more like family. She was in her early teen-age years when her family decided to send her to Barcelona, Spain. Her friends meant everything to her life, like a force to be reckoned with.

There were times when all she needed to be okay were her friends back home. Thankfully, she fits in her new space eventually.

As she fast-forwards today, Ms. Molera has already found her niche through her own art. She braves her life everyday knowing that she’s encompassed with a burning passion to do films. 

One of her strongest films will surely touch anyone who’s been away from their loved ones. The film shows one situation that can happen when the complexities of OFW situations blows life off course.

Ms. Molera may be young but she has already shown her potentials. What life taught her at an early age could bring inspiration to many through her art and films.

You can watch her film below:

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