“Thank you.”

That’s what Mary Jul deserves.

Shall we find out what Mary Jul really looks like? She’s a Filipina living in Malaysia for almost a decade now. Join her PeN community when you download the app! Ask about love, work and family advice!

Already living in Malaysia for almost a decade, you can say that Ms. Mary Jul hasn’t changed a bit.

She is down-to-earth and wants nothing but a better life for everybody.

Judging from her actions, she could be an embodiment of a modern Filipino hero. She helps everyone who needs her; happily obliging to look for ways on how to make others’ lives a little more comfortable.

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Sometimes, to the extent of giving them jobs and that means looking for one just so everyone can have a piece of livelihood.

For the 9 long years she stayed in Malaysia, rarely does she have a chance to explore and enjoy the beautiful country. And when she finally has the chance to go, she still spent it with someone who also needs her help.

That’s how Mary Jul is. Always helpful. Always thankful.

PeN would like to say thanks, Ms. Mary Jul, for making our stay in Malaysia truly memorable!

If ever you have problems with work, every foreign worker can count a friend in Mary Jul.

For real-life advice and other #hugot problems, just simply use the hashtag #ASKMARY and we will try to answer your questions.




Posted by Clarisse Javier