How many times have you encountered real-life emergency situations? These days, when nowhere is safe, it is important to know who to call when danger arises.

In the Philippines, a group of hunks can rescue you during times of distress!

Meet the ‘Gymers’ , a quick response team who are just a call away! They are not just a certified rescue team but bodybuilders at the same time.

Around the year 2011, these hunks were enjoying their free time in the gym when they thought of a great idea. They wanted to do something more productive that can benefit a lot of people. Hence, the creation of the ‘Gymers’ club was finalized.

They are volunteers who can rescue anyone during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods or any kinds of accidents such as fire and other road rages.

They also submit themselves to ensure safety during big and populous events. They act as marshals, bouncers and even motorcade safety guides.

Not everyone can join this exclusive club. It takes a lot of heart and courage to be bestowed a membership from the ‘Gymers’ club. Well, aside from needing a buffed-up body, ‘Gymers’ don’t accept any kind of payments from anyone. They are professionals from different fields who seriously undergo rescue certifications and training to help and reach out during disastrous events.

Mr. Teddy Malacad, their president, leads the team with the help of his vice-president, Mr. Aldrin Almacin. The organization is SEC approved, simply conveying an all-legitimate operation.

They conduct weekly trainings for their members including ICS,First Aid and Fire and Safety Drills. They also make sure they know the basics of bandaging and CPR.

These toughies certainly know how to use machismo. They may be alluring with too much masculinity but still maintains a good purpose for the society. They don’t accept payments but a ‘thank you’ is not enough for heroes like them.

Perhaps let us all pay it forward with one good deed everyday?

‘Gymers’ can’t be thanked enough for all their efforts. Kudos to the team for being brave examples that not everything is reciprocated by material wealth. In your case, a fulfillment of your passion through rescue and volunteerism!

Well done, ‘Gymers’!

Posted by Clarisse Javier