With PeN’s Reward System, regularly getting free stuff is possible!

Redeeming PeNNEy Credits on the app is easy breezy!

Just reach a minimum 1,500 credits so you can start converting these points equivalent to cash!

Check these items out! What a total steal to get these for free!

  1. You can grab this SILVER NECKLACE inspired by the Game of Thrones show totally FREE! Check the product link here.

2. You can get these cool HEADPHONES after a few days of scrolling and posting photos on the app! Click the product link here.

3. More Game of Thrones stuff that is worth every PeNNey! Get this Jon Snow keychain here by monitoring outbreaks on the app as well!

4.  Awwwww! This would be perfect! Start posting on your PeN timeline today so you can redeem your credits as soon as you reach your goal! Product link here.

5.  We all know that Alexa is hot now. So why not buy her accessory? Check out  this wall mount!

You better start earning your credit now because the sky is the limit!


Download the Playstore version of PeN on the link below to double your credits now!

Posted by Clarisse Javier