Good Guy Logan Paul Bounces Back With New Video After Insensitive Suicide Fiasco

Could this be Logan Paul’s big comeback?

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On the ‘Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow’ video, Logan Paul’s team shown a different side of him.

Just recently, a video from Mr.Paul’s account was uploaded to probably show remorse for what he did.  Steering away from the bad controversy by raising awareness about ‘Suicide’ did a good impression to his 16 Million followers.

IF you haven’t heard what the buzz is all about, a controversial Youtube post from Logan Paul was to blame.

The infamous Youtube star thought that featuring a dead man’s body who just committed suicide would get more thumbs up.


He was wrong. He got bombarded with criticisms coming from media worldwide including the video-sharing platform, Youtube.

As it turns out, Mr. Logan Paul received sanctions for his misdemeanor.

Well, we hope that the guy did learn his lesson.

He should know by now that  there is more to ‘Morality’ than the number of his Youtube views.

Right, Mr. Paul?


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Posted by Clarisse Javier

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