LOOK at These People Bathing In Snow!

Believe it or not, bathing in extremely cold temperature helps the immune system become stronger.

It has also imposed other health advantages such as increased alertness, relieves depression and stress, weight loss stimulation and the likes.

In other places on the planet, bathing in negative temperatures is not only practiced to gain these health benefits but to also commemmorate their religious beliefs.

Russian Orthodox christian men and women dives in extremely cold water to mark the coming of Epiphany.

Every 19th of January, men and women dip in cross-shaped pools to mark the baptism of Jesus.

Though it is undeniably freezing, they seem to enjoy it!

Even children carry their own buckets to have freezing cold water poured on them. Passing on tradition from their ancestors keeping it alive to the next.


Do you think you can do it?

Look into the whole process through this video:

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Posted by Clarisse Javier