India is incredibly breathtaking.

Take it from our newest PeN celebrity, Michelle Vibar.

Our 27-year old stunner hails from the Philippines and has been featured in several travel and lifestyle platforms. Michelle is quite an adventurer herself; she has conquered countless countries to date. Her snapshots in every travel destination speak S-O-U-L and she has done it again in her recent visit to India.

Take a look into one of her grandest gests!

Michelle, accompanied by her friends, enjoyed India’s culture and you can tell they blended well with the crowd.

They even tried the traditional sari even adding more mystique to Michelle’s vibrant charm.

She had hesitations prior her trip. She read certain reviews about some travelers’ previous experiences but those didn’t stop our PeN celebrity. Good thing she didn’t!

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Michelle said that there are 4 things to love about India: Food, People, Commodities and INDIA itself!

“India is a beautiful country; people are friendly and nice, they always have smiles on their faces! Everything is cheap and food is awesomely flavorful. ” – Michelle Vibar, PeN Celebrity

What’s not to love about India, right? Every direction is picturesque! What can you say about these locations they visited?


She’s definitely coming back, she said. Nothing can stop her from jet-setting the world.

Her trip to India is one of the best.

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Posted by Clarisse Javier