Here’s a Solution for Employees Sneaking Out Early

Have you been dealing with employees sneaking out of the workplace earlier than they’re supposed to leave?

Or perhaps a few of them utilizes work hours for leisure time?

But you have several business trips in and outside your country to deal with and clients to face every once in a while. What could be the best way to fix this matter without shelling out an additional budget?

We might have a solution for you!

If you still don’t know about this, PeN is a super app with a variety of superb features and one of these can solve your dilemmas in the corporate world by simply using the app!

Monitor your employees real-time whereabouts!

PeN’s SOS feature was originally designed to help its users during emergencies but isn’t great that this kind of tool emerged and is readily available for any company at no cost?

Checking out any employee’s productivity and whereabouts are now made possible by the PeN app!

Hurry and order a mandatory download of the app, ASAP!

P.S: If you think you can also use the app to monitor the whereabouts of your significant other then YOU ARE NOT WRONG! 🙂

Download the Playstore version here:

Posted by Clarisse Javier