Polar bears live on arctic sea ice. With its continuous melting caused by a warming Earth, what would happen to their species?

A warmer planet could result to melting of more ice making the Polar Bears vulnerable to extinction.

Would you like that?

The arctic sea ice continually deplete according to sources.

“Rising temperatures cause ice shelves to break up – as they are floating already this will not affect sea levels, it may cause the glaciers behind them to speed up their flow-rate considerably. These glaciers will add to sea-level rise if they melt”, according to Cool Antartica.

Yes, we already know that climate change is happening but is there something significant ordinary individuals can do?


First, educating everyone about Carbon Dioxide is the key.

Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that is meant for naturally occurring organisms as well.

A fact about CO2 is that every living organism produce it and needs it in order to breathe.

CO2 is not bad at all but how does it contribute to climate change?

It’s because there are other unnatural factors producing it and natural organisms can’t use it. Man-made carbon can’t be used by humans and animals, they can’t inhale them. Plants can’t use it for photosynthesis.

Any carbon that is man-made contributes to climate change hence global warming and ocean acidity. People and industries release too much it and the planet doesn’t need it. It just goes up as anthropogenic emissions mainly caused by deforestation and burning of fossil fuel.

We have witnessed tons of unfortunate calamities , species extinction and alarming changes around the globe and it is getting worse. To name a few, intensified hurricanes, abnormal behaviors of organisms and flooding even with just ample amount of rain.

A revolution to mitigate the effects of climate change needs to be efficient.

You can spark change in your own little way.

Be conscious in your carbon production and find ways to replace the CO2 you emit. 

PLANT TREES because they absorb the CO2 through photosynthesis.

Join environmental drives that can raise awareness to improve the deteriorating condition of our planet. 

We better start right now to save what’s left of Mother Earth.

Think of every species’ whose welfare depends on us.


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Posted by Clarisse Javier