Climate change is evidently happening globally. Manifestations of unduly calamities affect millions of people around the globe.

Fossil fuels, identified to heavily contribute to global warming, need to be modulated.

Everyday, tons of coal are being processed to become gas or petroleum for daily consumption.

Unfortunately, slowing down fossil fuels’ usage seem to be hard to avoid. Petroleum, a byproduct of fossil fuels are used in transportation. Its liquefied form is also used daily for cooking. It has regrettably become a part of daily life.

Last week, a convention by the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines was held to showcase local inventions from different campuses.

One group of exhibitors were brainy youngsters Samantha de Roxas and Janus Reidg Quilao of Tagaytay City Science National High School.

You would be surprised how naive-looking these students are until they start explaining how they came up with their experiment.

These kids created Biogas out of vegetable leftovers from their city’s wet market! How commendable is that?

Aside from the fact that Biogas makes way to be an alternative of regular fossil fuel-derived gas and petroleum, picking up vegetable leftovers lessens food wastage that equally contributes to more greenhouse gases also leading to global warming and climate change.

Here are some of the snapshots from the said event:

The students behind this amazing research. Their parents must be so proud, right?

They may look like playful kids here but they sure are geniuses!

Their study on print.

Evidently, these kids are not to be messed with. Who knows? They could be the next leading scientists of their era.

Curious about their scientific discovery?

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