PRESS RELEASE: Watchout as Superapps Mix Business with Pleasure

PeN is the superapp you need to watch out for.

If you’re wondering what lies in the future of tech, you need to know about superapps. A superapp has all your favorite and useful apps integrated in one single mobile application.

Social media may be the driving force of internet norms these days, but it’s just one useful feature of internet technology. Social networking, online enterprising and alternative learning platforms may comprise and saturate market trends today but the future of technology seems to hold more function and practicality.

PeN is currently polishing a feature where in-app credits can be used to buy any item from the real world. This superapp is giving everybody a fair share in the market just by using its features.

By continuously using the app, users who earn more than 5,000 penney credits can convert the proceeds and use it good as cash!

PeN superapp is currently sweeping its competitors by growing much faster; optimizing its features dedicated to create a better world. Aside from  connecting the world online and offline, this superapp also highlights tourism guides, virus tracking features for communicable diseases and emergency features where its users can create its own helpline for free; credit-earning methods can also be maximized through free SMS and voice calls.

PeN, by Dark Matter AB, is unassumingly crafting a tool for the underserved. With a spike in regular users, the company was able to create a promising new feature that should not be missed.

Through its efforts, PeN will soon create new possibilities of boosting the economy and increase the market value of the underserved; connecting the world at a little cost; tracking possible deadly outbreaks; giving free assistance during emergency situations; and highlighting every tourism spot in the world.

PeN is just starting and it is definitely an app to watch out for.

Can we expect the shift in mobile app dynamic to go in this direction? You saw it first from PeN!