Hong Kong is a place that would exceed your expectations. It is more than what it portrays to attract tourists, it has so much culture to explore and anyone who would come could certainly enjoy every spot it has to offer. It is clean, disciplined and prosperous. If you happen to have a love affair with tea, you can add another reason to this country’s list of amiability. Hong Kong has a high-caliber museum of tea!¬†The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is an immaculate venue you don’t want to miss!


The Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware presents a subtle ambience of sophistication and ¬†educative context at the same time. Upon entering, a welcoming staff will courteously greet you like you’re visiting another world. True enough, every room has its distinct substance to show as if you’re traveling to another timely dimension in the past. You will certainly enjoy every informative detail about the delectable teas! These information ranges from how teas were prepared by every dynasty as early as year 1200’s to the teaware they were accustomed of using back then. The feeling can be a bit overwhelming for tea-frenzies as the emotion of being there next to actual teaware antiques could be too much deem.
If you want to feel like a true royalty, this museum can also conduct a tea ceremony with affordable rates you can choose from. You can also find some unique items to bring home from their souvenir shop. The next time you’re visiting Hong Kong, make sure to add this one on your list! You’ll be surprised with what you’ll see!

Posted by Clarisse Javier

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