holiday gifts

Holiday Gifts

holiday gifts

I love the holidays. I get to see some friends and relatives who I only get to spend time with during this season. And since we don’t get to see much of each other, gifts for birthday and other important dates have piled up. To my excitement, I posted all the gifts I received from friends and relatives, every single one of them on my PeN Timeline. And then I posted again after opening each. Then I noticed something wonderful. What I noticed is how my PeNNey credits increased with every post I made. And then I earned some more when friends liked my posts. It was so awesome!

So now I got hooked to updating my PeN Timeline, and still get amazed seeing how I get free PeNNey for it.

PeN Chat indeed is an app for keeps, and worth endorsing to my friends and relatives!

Posted by Pam Banayo