Dear PeN Pals,

Today we share a very good news with you!

This week we will enable a way for you to redeem the PeNNeY rewards you earned or won in PeN and convert it to real world monetary value. This week and the next, we will also introduce more ways for you to earn PeNNeY by using the app.

No purchases needed, all you need to do is keep using the app.

Earning PeNNeY Rewards

You will be able to win PeNNeY Rewards by playing Lucky Draw, like you do today.

You will be able to earn PeNNeY rewards in various ways, starting this week. The rewards are earned daily and monthly. What you can earn will be published in the PeN website and community pages.

  • Liking posts. This can be a post from your Timeline>Popular or from Community posts that you follow
  • Likes of your own posts. Every like of your posts counts
  • Daily usage

So go ahead and like posts that you follow, get your friends to signup to PeN to get more likes, and that they too, can earn PeNNeY rewards.

Next week you will have more ways to earn PeNNeY and these will also be published in the PeN website and community pages.

Earn rewards daily and monthly.

  • Your post in your own Timeline>My Clique
  • Call another PeN user (calls to other phone numbers are not included)
  • Daily visit to your Timeline or Community pages
  • The amount of time you use your timeline (watching videos in PeN)
  • Using Spot place searches

Redeeming your PeNNeY Rewards

We are trailing several ways for you to redeem and exchange your PeNNeY rewards.

  • You will able to use your PeNNeY to buy products inside PeN
  • You will be able to redeem and exchange your PeNNeY to real world monetary value.

For now, to redeem PeNNeY to a real-world monetary value, you will need to make a request inside PeN>Suggestions. We will then process and confirm your request before the award is completed. The minimum number of PeNNeY before you can redeem is 5,000 PeNNeY.

This redemption will be through Gift Certificates with our affiliated shopping portals. Please check when you redeem your PeNNeY if your favourite shopping portals are included.

It is possible for you to generate a lot more PeNNeY once more followers are liking your posts. For those who are able to earn at least  50,000 PeNNeY rewards, we will enable a facility for you to redeem in cash vouchers.

You can start earning PeNNeY that you can redeem or exchange to real-world monetary value today. Use the app as much as you can and invite your friends to get more likes.

Please note that like in every reward and loyalty programs, terms and conditions apply so please check PeN community in the app for further announcements.

The exchange rate for PeNNeY redemption will be published in the PeN website and community pages.