Winning more PeNNeY rewards in Lucky Draw

As part of our desire and efforts in PeN to share to our users the benefits we gain from using app, we have been giving PeNNeY rewards through lucky draw.

In Lucky Draw, you are able to win PeNNeY rewards at random from 1 to 100 PeNNeY. For example, the last few hours there were 3 lucky winners of 100 PeNNeY. Although it is our desire to give as much PeNNeY as we possibly can in Lucky Draw the total amount is limited by how much revenue we generate from advertising.

In the past weeks, there were more users playing Lucky Draw, hence some of you who has been playing Lucky Draw for a long time now might notice a reduce in total amount won per day. Its like the lottery, the prize money is finite and distributed amongst various winners. We are of course working on a way for you to win and earn more PeNNeY so you can continuously use those PeNNeY rewards to get in touch with your friends and family who are not PeN users. Also very soon for you to exchange the PeNNeY reward to real world monetary values. Think of it like mining bitcoin but without the need for high  powered and expensive computers doing the processing for you 24 hours a day.

For us to provide more prizes in Lucky Draw we will need to generate more advertising revenue, this can be achieved with more users and longer usage in the app. Having said that we are cooking up some ways for you to earn more PeNNeY by simply using the app.

PeNNeY rewards will be given away in various ways such as how long time you use the app, including viewing videos posted in the app, the number of post you make in the app, how many times you like post from others such as your friends or those you follow in the app, the number of likes your posts gets, the number of minutes you call another PeN pal app to app and many more possibilities.

In essence the more you use the app the more the possibilities for you to earn more PeNNeY.

If you use PeN regularly you will be able to earn around 5,000 PeNNeY per month, that will be a lot higher of course once you get more likes on your posts. Please look out for announcements that will be made in the coming days about this new ways to earn PeNNeY rewards.

Having said that the more usage in the app that you can generate the higher the total amount of PeNNeY rewards that can be won in Lucky Draw. We at PeN recognises that its you, our PeN Pals, who actually power this start-up to success hence we always ensure that we give back to you what we make through PeNNeY rewards. Soon you will be able to use PeNNeY not only to Call and SMS but also to shop.

Posted by Charisma Quebral

Working since the planning stage of PeN, Charisma is an artist / marketing gal from the Philippines. She loves to see the beauty of the world through her camera and shares it on social media.