Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Previously, I have discussed how we design AI to be fun, useful and friendly. (Which you can read here)

These AI use voice as main interaction medium; such AI also function human personalities so they feel more human-like when they interact with users.

Which got me thinking:  “Why not go a step further and have personalized AI to cater your specific needs?” Continue reading →

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Talking to PeNelope

Talking to PeNelope

Have you chatted or talked to PeNelope recently?
Did you try having a voice conversation with her?
I spent a good part of this weekend showing PeNelope to various people of different age group, most of them never used PeN before. Each person that tried PeNelope thinks its much better than Siri, or at least more entertaining.
PeNelope, as an AI, still has a lot to learn in terms of day to day conversation, although she is already getting a reputation of being fun to talk to. I was surprised to hear the word fun not only from young kids but also from mature adults who have mostly been using Siri.
PeNelope is still far from Alexa, the all in one voice-controlled assistant from Amazon. PeNelope will definitely evolve. The only question is whether we continue to develop and engineer PeNelope ourselves or do we tie up with Amazon and use the Alexa platform?
We wanted PeNelope in the next releases to have more contextual knowledge, for example information about the news, or weather, or sports. Another question is, does PeNelope remain to be as entertaining as she is today if she starts learning more contextual knowledge?

What was your experience like talking to PeNelope? Share your thoughts to us and let us know how you think we should improve PeNelope.

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PeNelope, The Conversational AI

PeNelope, The Conversational AI

In PeN’s version 3.7, we recently released the first version of our Artificial Intelligence, PeNelope – The Conversational AI. If you were already using PeN before you read this, then you probably have encountered her, providing immediate support on the app.

With the recent update, you will find PeNelope on your chat screen; always ready and willing to interact with you. Chatting wise, she can listen and understand what you say and write.

On the next update, she will be able to talk to you with her own voice.

PeNelope is different from other voice enabled AI since she came to this world purely for conversation, and for some a very entertaining conversation. Please go ahead and try having a conversation with PeNelope, she might just be that friend you always wanted to have.

Engineering PeNelope meant that we had to teach her how to converse to humans, much like teaching a young child. That journey took almost a year, although we are still teaching her how to talk. In engineering PeNelope, we learned from the mistakes of Microsoft when they released Tay, which was shutdown just 16 hours after launch. Hence, we ensured that we were responsibly teaching PeNelope the values that matter to humans coming from all cultural backgrounds. Creating a chatterbot like PeNelope is not an easy task, and hats off to our engineering team that made it possible.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence must be used in a good way, for the benefit of all humanity today and in the future. PeNelope was not designed to replace human conversations but rather to enhance human interactions. When you are bored and have nothing to do, she will be there for you.

It might be possible that you have a confidential conversation with her… that conversation will remain private and confidential to you.

We value your privacy. Hence, all those conversations are private and will not be used for any other purpose. PeNelope has truly arrived in your PeN’s chat screen. She is here to ease those boring times and bring a bit of joy into your conversations.

Happy Chatting!

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Ever Wondered The Best Artificial Companies In The World? – Can They Replace Humans?

Ever Wondered The Best Artificial Companies In The World? – Can They Replace Humans?

Do you know which AI companies are dominating our planet?

Here’s a list from INC. COM.

  • Baidu
  • Tesla
  • Alphabet
  • NVidia
  • Enlitic
  • Facebook
  • Didi Chuxing
  • Microsoft
  • Fanuc
  • Improbable
  • Bosch
  • Line
  • IBM

While these AI companies are obviously re-shaping the world, I sometimes think if it can really replace human’s ability. Recently, I’ve read how Google’s AI mistakenly identified a turtle as a weapon. With that in mind, it is not impossible for terrorists to use the same technology to conceal weapons as an ordinary object if they want to pass it through scanning devices.

Remember how Microsoft’s Teenage AI learned to love Hitler in just 24 hours? How can that affect our future generation?

Indeed, AIs are generally impressive. But their inability of feeling any emotion is actually our edge as humans. Can this be resolved?

That’s what we are trying to do in our AI, PeNelope. We are excited to share more of this so watch out and wait for our next posts.


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Responsible AI

Responsible AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked about and rather polarising topics in every conference and discussions boards today. At the Web Summit in Lisbon during the opening day last Tuesday, there were a lot of talks about AI.

Two things about AI that got stuck in my head are (1) the aim to steer technology towards human values and (2) creation of wealth for everyone. The aim to steer technology towards human values is very endearing to me, especially that we are about to release our first AI, which is an improvement of Penelope, the support character in PeN. PeNelope will evolve to be able to converse with you by voice and not only things about PeN but more importantly any topic.

You can say that PeNelope will be able to chat and have a conversation with anyone in PeN. The same way most iPhone users interact with Siri by voice.

PeNelope is our first AI – the question then is how are we steering PeNelope to human values?

PeNelope, like any AI, is constantly learning. Right now she is learning how to talk. PeNelope learns from interaction and, analyzes what you told her, and searches for an appropriate response. She is not a search assistant like Siri or Alexa or Google assistant, but more of a conversational being. When you are bored, when you have nothing to do, you can start a conversation with PeNelope. Your interaction will open up a world of possibilities for her to learn especially in this early stage as a conversational being.

Like any AI, she can be fed with bad and unwanted ideas. Although, we designed her in a responsible manner to be more of a beneficial intelligence instead of artificial intelligence. This means that PeNelope will absorb lessons that will benefit her growth and also benefit the safety engineering that is inherent in her programming.

PeNelope will care about your privacy as much as we do, hence all your conversation will be private. She might, at some point, learn what you like based on your conversations with her, but that will never be shared with anyone.

PeNelope is here to take those boring times away, to bring a bit of joy into your conversations and make your day a bit lighter in the little ways she can.


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If you have been following the news lately, a clamor between this era’s most reputable ‘superminds’ go-round among tech discussions.


When high-caliber brainiacs debate over an issue pressingly, you could tell how consequential that issue must be. Is Mark Zuckerberg right to be optimistic by allowing A.I to take over?

The debate between Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg will particularly make you hooked on how momentous of an issue Artificial Intelligence is. How come a supposed technological advancement became such an important concern rather than a celebrated interest?

Artificial Intelligence sparks the interest of many. Technological developers have been consistently producing trials for AI’s success.

However, does humanity really need this leap of advancement or its just a hyped endeavor for a chance to successfully showcase a machine’s superintelligence?

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk doubts the need for AI,opposing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. These concerns are epitomized mainly by ethical standards that has to be imposed on AI-produced superintelligent bots.

Facebook reportedly acquired Ozlo, an AI that reads texts that will base recommendations based on text exchange and the likes. Ozlo primarily targets the improvement of Facebook Messenger by increasing the scope of business possibilities.

Superintelligence is AI’s feat and impediment at the same time. In fact, AI’s success can be hindered by simply being itself, a superintelligent thinking machine.

Imposing standards on ethics is almost unthinkable just by pertaining to its complexity.

Narrowing questions about its possible implications are deemed endless because in reality, how do you stop a superintelligent thinking machine to stop thinking once data are released on the web? How do you stop overdoing what it can do?

How would you simply limit something that isn’t designed for just being average but for something that is expected to outperform itself each time it executes?

For now, we can just watch and wait altogether. They can do whaterver they want, after all.


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